Celebrating May The Fourth in Las Vegas

Star Wars fans have multiple ways to enjoy their favorite holiday.

Hello, there, Star Wars fans! “May the Fourth Be With You” is once again upon us, and Las Vegas has numerous celebrations to ring in the day. We’ve rounded up five fantastic local celebrations (both on and off the Las Vegas Strip) perfect for Star Wars lovers so you can party like it’s 9 BBY without making the jump to lightspeed. 

May the Fourth Be With You in Las Vegas

Pinkbox Doughnuts

Our favorite local treats from Pinkbox Doughnuts are once again getting a makeover exclusively from now through May the Fourth. Enjoy eight specialty treats, including the “Galaxy Pee Weez,” the “Galaxy Ring,” the “Jedi’s Ring,” “Minty I Am,” the “Vegan Space,” and doughnuts modeled after Princess Leia, Chewbacca and the Ewoks. Make sure to get them soon (but don’t order 66 of them). 

May the Fourth Sweets at Pinkbox Doughnuts Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
May the Fourth Sweets & Pinky-Style Iced Hot Chocolate at Pinkbox Doughnuts (©Melanie Lee)

Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium Arcade Bar inside AREA15 has ten free tokens for all guests dressed in Star Wars costumes (a great reason to dress up) along with $7 shots of "Spotchka" (a nod to the chief import from the Krill farmers on the planet of Sorgan). 

Emporium Arcade Bar Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Emporium Arcade Bar (©Melanie Lee)

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer inside The Venetian Resort has two ways to celebrate May the Fourth. The “Light Classic Shake” is the perfect drink for Jedi Knights with electric blue vanilla and silver and blue sprinkles, while the “Dark Classic Shake” is a Sith Lord’s dream with wild cherry and red and black sprinkles. 

Light & Dark Classic Shakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Brews Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Light & Dark Classic Shakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Brews (©The Fine Agency)

Millennium Fandom Bar

With a name like the Millennium Fandom Bar, you know May the Fourth is a pretty big deal. The bar opens at 5 p.m. with no cover, and cosplays, lightsabers and droids are welcome to celebrate all things Star Wars. It’s the perfect time to try out the “BB-8” cocktail and the “Empire’s Empanadas.” 

Lego Stormtrooper | WhereTraveler
Lego Stormtrooper (©Daniel K. Cheung)

The Nerd

​​While in Downtown Las Vegas, make a trip to The Nerd (especially if you’re in cosplay). Cosplayers can enjoy 20% off drinks all night like the “Baby Yoda.” Try your hand at some bowling and check out some of the bar’s props and memorabilia. 

Star Wars Funkos | WhereTraveler
Star Wars Funkos (©Tommy Van Kessel)