Best Snacks in Las Vegas: Enjoy the Crepe Out of These Five Restaurants

We have rounded up the “Crème de la Crepe” of restaurants serving up these tasty delights that will have you saying, “Merci.”

If you ask the average person what they typically associate with France, you will most likely hear the same things: French toast, French fries, French kissing, the Eiffel Tower, crepes, or the expression,” Ooh la la.” While not all of these things originate from the French, we can confirm that the crepe, a culinary delight in our eyes, originates from Brittany, France.

All about the Crepe

What are crepes, and what is it that makes them so delightful? Holy Crepe! Where do we even start? At its most basic form, a crepe is simply a thin pancake with filling. Crepes are usually made with the same ingredients used for pancakes, such as milk, eggs and salt. The flour used to make crepes depends on the type of crepe you wish to make—crepes are often filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings. Sweet crepes are generally made with wheat flour, while savory crepes are made with non-wheat flours such as buckwheat. The crepe is made by spreading a thin layer of the batter over an iron crepe pan.

The crepe is a very versatile dish that can fit any meal or culinary style, which lends to its popularity. It can be filled with just about anything your heart desires, but more commonly with various fruit, Nutella, chocolate, cheese, eggs, mushrooms and spinach, to name a few (maybe not all at the same time). Your crepe can be stuffed with filling then folded over like an envelope or rolled like an ice cream cone. 

Check out our list of five great crepes here in Las Vegas!

T-Swirl Crepe

There are several reasons why the crepes at T-Swirl are a little different from the rest. The crepes here are Japanese-inspired, made 100% with rice flour and are naturally gluten-free. The sweet and savory flavors at T-Swirl Crepe are very unique. On the sweet menu are items like the “Matcha Chocolate Truffles,” a crepe stuffed with chocolate truffles, matcha custard cream and crushed pistachio. You can find the “Angus Short Ribs” crepe and the “Okinawa Hot Dog” crepe on the savory menu. The crepes here are made in an open kitchen so you can watch your creation coming to Instagram life. Yes, these crepes are incredibly Instagram-worthy. 

Dessert Crepes at T-Swirl Crepe Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Dessert Crepes at T-Swirl Crepe (©@dongkyuverymuch/Instagram)

La Creperie

La Creperie was inspired by the sidewalk cafes and walk-up creperies found on the streets in Paris, France. La Creperie is located in Paris Las Vegas on Le Boulevard—the shopping and dining promenade inside the resort, which was designed to make guests feel as though they are roaming the streets of Paris. You can watch the Parisian street vendor-style crepes being made with your choice of sweet or savory ingredients. A customer favorite is the melt-in-your-mouth Nutella-hazelnut combination with a generous amount of whipped cream. You can take your crepe and wander towards the half-size Eiffel Tower for some photo opportunities. 

What’s Crepe

What’s Crepe is a local favorite on the west side of town and serves crepes in a rolled, cone-shape (perfectly handheld). This style means the filling is wrapped up in every single bite. The store is filled with the aroma of sweet crepe batter as soon as you walk through the door. Popular flavors include the Crème Brûlée made with graham crumbs, whipped cream and Crème Brulee. Also, topping the list of fan favorites is the Matcha & Mochi, a crepe cone filled with mini mocha, matcha sauce and whipped cream. 

Crepe Variety at What's Crepe Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Crepe Variety at What's Crepe (©Cielo Fronteras/Jet Sabisch)

Crepe Expectations

Crepe Expectations became especially popular a number of years ago after being featured on the show “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” hosted by celebrity chef Guy Fieri back in 2015. Customers still come for the fantastic crepes and the warm, welcoming environment. The "Sonora" crepe made with carne asada steak, roasted tomato salsa, and guacamole is a favorite from the savory menu. The "William Tell" crepe stuffed with sautéed apples, caramel and whipped crème tops the sweet menu as a customer favorite. Be sure to bring your appetite or a friend—the portions are enormous. 

Bellagio Patisserie

At the Bellagio Patisserie (inside Bellagio Las Vegas), you can enjoy pastries, omelets and a fresh selection of cakes crafted by their pastry chefs. Luckily, the chefs are also catering to anyone who may have a craving for a crepe! The menu boasts a variety of sweet and savory crepes, such as the savory “Green Goddess” crepe made with whole wheat batter, baby spinach, arugula, asparagus and buffalo mozzarella. Are you stopping by for breakfast? Check out their breakfast crepe, complete with a sunny-side-up egg inside. 

Breakfast Crepe at Bellagio Patisserie Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Breakfast Crepe at Bellagio Patisserie (Courtesy MGM Resorts)