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Best Snacks in Las Vegas: Chocolate Chip Cookies That Will Bake Your Day

Chocolate chip cookie lovers unite at these great shops and bakeries.

If you are reading this now, chances are an oatmeal raisin cookie has betrayed you. You know what I’m talking about—you reach for a cookie in anticipation of that chocolate ooey-gooey goodness only to be blindsided by a raisin (the horror). 

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Las Vegas

While others may passively-aggressively present a list like this encouraging you to indulge but only in moderation, I am here to say go all in. If you choose to indulge, here is a list of places to find chocolate chip cookies that are a bite above the rest.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Company

One day, Jo decided to send a batch of her homemade cookies with her husband Johnny to work. He came home that night with stellar reviews from his officemates. This feedback was the push Jo needed to make her dreams a reality and start a cookie business. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Company’s cookies are a little larger than average and are loaded with a generous ratio of chocolate chips to cookie dough. Who doesn’t want more chocolate? The cookies are individually sealed to ensure the flavor and softness of the dough and chocolate chips are locked into each cookie. The cookies look and taste just like Grandma made them, so eat up! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy @chocolatechipcookieco/Instagram)

STK Steakhouse 

There is nothing dreamier than a chocolate chip cookie served in a skillet. In my opinion, regardless of size or calories, that counts as ONE cookie. The warm chocolate chip cookie at STK Steakhouse inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is served in a skillet with a soft and gooey center and a slight crisp to the edges. The cookie is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. 

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie at STK Steakhouse Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie (Courtesy STK Steakhouse)

Alameda Baking Co.

Chef Marie, the owner of Alameda Baking Co., was a pastry chef for 15 years before deciding to start her own business. Although she has created an array of different types of desserts throughout her career, her favorite has always been a warm chocolate chip cookie. She believes that in using only the highest quality ingredients to produce the best cookies. It can make or break a cookie. Alameda uses high-quality chocolate (Valrhona and Guittard), organic eggs and butter and King Arthur flour. Orders may be placed via Alameda’s Instagram page

Cookies at Alameda Baking Co. Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Cookies (©Marie M./Alameda Baking Co.)

Insomnia Cookies

If you have given up counting sheep to try to fall asleep, perhaps counting chocolate chips is a better option. Insomnia Cookies’ version of the chocolate chip cookie is called the "Chocolate Chunk." As the name states, the chocolate chips are on steroids. These are chips gone wild, and I am not mad about that. If the chunk factor is not enough in this version of the cookie, Insomnia also offers the "Double Chocolate Chunk," which is double the fun. Insomnia Cookies is open as late as 1 a.m. on some nights. 

Insomnia Cookies Assortment Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Insomnia Cookies)

Sweet Addiction

The team behind Sweet Addiction has a clear objective: creating fun and creative desserts that put smiles on customers’ faces. This mission is probably why the shop puts cookies and ice cream together under one roof. Sweet Addiction has fresh-baked cookies, including chocolate chip, but what elevates the whole experience is combining the cookies with ice cream. Sweet Addiction is known for its tasty made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. Ask for two chocolate chip cookies and turn them into a sandwich by adding your favorite flavor of Thrifty ice cream. You won’t regret it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie | WhereTraveler
Chocolate Chip Cookie (©Luis Quintero)

Kai’s Kookies

Kai’s Kookies is a small business owned by Tori Kai Townsend. She is a one-woman show handling all aspects of the business, from accounting to running the company’s social media account. She also bakes the chocolate chip cookies herself allowing her to take cherished family recipes and her own fun spin to the cookies.

Kai Kookies are BIG and shareable gourmet cookies, each weighing in at a minimum of six ounces. I like big chocolate chip cookies, and I cannot lie. Orders may be made through Kai’s website and available for pick up or delivery seven days a week. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Courtesy Kai's Kookies)

L’Elysee Bakery & Café

L’Elysee Bakery & Café is a wholesale and retail bakery specializing in international loaves of bread and pastries. The bakery has been a staple in Las Vegas since 2008. When the bakery initially tested a batch of chocolate chip cookies years ago, it became an instant hit with their customers. 

It is all about that first bite with the chocolate chip cookies from L’Elysee Bakery & Café. The cookies are slightly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Made from the finest chocolates from Europe, each cookie is baked in-house with no preservatives added. Chefs Cory Fields and Jesus Castillo are baking these delights weekly for customers to enjoy. A bonus when visiting the bakery is that L’elysee Bakery & Café also makes chocolate in-house. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Chocolate Chip Cookies at L’Elysee Bakery & Café (©Aileen Duffek)

Crumbl Cookies

I would be remiss not to include Crumbl Cookies on this list. In the pursuit of creating what the shop believes is the world’s best chocolate chip cookie, the founders of Crumbl Cookies tested two cookies side-by-side at local gas stations and grocery stores. Crumbl Cookies asked passersby which cookie they liked best and continued testing ingredients until the final product was created. The result was the award-winning chocolate chip cookie you find in stores today. 

Crumbl Cookies has become the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation, with five locations in Las Vegas, since opening its doors three years ago. Although the menu rotates to offer four different specialty flavors weekly, chocolate chip cookie lovers will be happy to know these cookies are always available.