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Best Snacks in Las Vegas: Birria Tacos That Will Give You Something to "Taco-bout"

The viral social media food is easy to find in Las Vegas.

One cannot scroll through Instagram or TikTok without seeing a photo or video of someone dipping a taco into some kind of sauce. These social media platforms have catapulted the birria taco into an internet sensation, with foodies across the globe sharing recipes or taste-testing the latest birria taco restaurant or food truck. What appears to be an overnight viral sensation isn’t actually new at all. The birria stew, from where the taco is made, has been around for quite some time. 

What is birria?

Birria is a meat stew that originates from Jalisco, Mexico and has a history that goes back to the 1500s. It is traditionally made with goat meat but is now also made with beef, chicken, or lamb. It is marinated in spices and slow-cooked until the meat is tender. 

What is a birria taco?

The meat from the birria stew is cooked inside of corn tortillas that have been dipped in the stew consommé. Typically the tacos are then garnished with diced onions and cilantro. Birria tacos are usually served with consommé for dipping, so every bite is a savory delight. Because the tortillas are fried, the result after dipping the taco in the consommé is a crispy, flavorful birria taco.

Discover the Best Birria Tacos in Las Vegas

With people home during the pandemic, the surge of video shares and views pushed the birria taco to the forefront. Birria goes boom, and we are here for the taco takeover. Dip into these restaurants for the best birria tacos in Las Vegas. 

Birria Tacos | WhereTraveler
Birria Tacos (©Jesse Cortez)

China Poblano

World-renowned chef José Andrés combines the bold flavors of traditional Chinese and Mexican cuisines to create a dining experience unlike any other at China Poblano The all-new Quesabirria taco has become a fan-favorite among both locals and visitors. The taco features heirloom blue corn tortillas stuffed with lamb, beef, Menonita and Oaxacan cheeses, onions, cilantro, and served with consommé.

We recommend pairing the Quesabirria taco with the “Salt Air Margarita,” Chef Andres’ personal cocktail creation because tacos and margaritas are the best combination. China Poblano is located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

664 TJ Birrieria

This restaurant was named after the area code for Tijuana, and they also specialize in Tijuana-style beef birria tacos. Menu items include the “Quesabirria,” which has cheese with the corn tortilla and birria beef. The toasted birria taco is called the “Tostabirria,” and it comes with an option that includes cheese. All birria tacos come with a side serving of consommé.

Be prepared to wait in a long line. This birria gem on the Strip is quite popular, and tourists can’t seem to get enough of the tacos. 664 TJ Birrieria is operated by the equally popular Tacos El Gordo and happens to be right next door. 

Birria Tacos | WhereTraveler
Birria Tacos (©Doris Morgan)

Birria El Compa, La Cruda

Birria El Compa, La Cruda is the new second location for the popular birria taco restaurant, Birria El Compa. Both “birria de Chivo”(roasted goat) and “Birrio de Res” (beef) are available on the menu as taco options. Each comes with four handmade corn tortillas and consommé. The meat here is incredibly tender, while the consommé is flavorful and savory. It is a local’s favorite for authentic Mexican cuisine.  

Birrieria Dimas Las Vegas

Birrieria Dimas Las Vegas is a mobile food truck located about 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. They specialize in the Mexican beef birria, which is slow-cooked for up to six hours in a consommé broth. The food truck carries an extensive birria menu, including the “Mulita,” two corn tortillas with melted Mozzarella cheese and beef birria. The “Vampiro” is the crunchy, fried version. An eight-ounce cup of consommé is included with any purchase.  

For those wanting to expand the birria experience, the food truck menu includes beef birria in items like burritos, quesadilla and ramen! The “Birriamen” features wheat flour ramen noodles in birria broth and chunks of birria beef. Orders may be placed online or call 323.365.0883. 

Birria Tacos | WhereTraveler
Birria Tacos (©Sidral Mundet)

Hecho En Vegas

If you are looking for a fun restaurant on the Strip for Mexican cuisine, Hecho en Vegas located at the MGM Grand is the perfect spot for you. The cantina is painted in vibrant colors. The open patio is ideal for a group of friends or people watching.  

With over 100 various tequilas on the menu, along with beers and cocktails, the birria taco makes the ideal dish to whatever your beverage choice may be. The restaurant serves pulled beef birria tacos with onion, cilantro, jack cheese crisp and cotija cheese.