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Las Vegas Bakeries That are Born and "Bread" in the Vegas Valley

Nothing beats the aroma and taste of a fresh-baked loaf of bread.

From French loaves and sourdough to fresh focaccias and unusual flavored options, carb lovers in Vegas have plenty of bakery options to pick from to suit their needs. Several local bakers have storefronts, while others can be found at farmer's markets or exclusively offer special order options. Whatever your carb of choice, check out this list to know where to get your next fix.

5098 Bread

Ryan and Kris Wilson opened 5098 Bread after learning about bread and cheesemaking while traveling the world. All of their breads are naturally leavened without store-bought yeast. The most popular product they sell is their "Bay Bae" sourdough, made with their "Hof'' starter, available in loaves studded with olives, wine-soaked figs, fruit, or garlic. They also sell focaccias and cookies, also made with the same sourdough starter. Find their seasonal selection at the weekly Wednesday Bruce Trent farmer's market, or visit their website to pre-order ahead of time.

Desert Bread

Brett and Brendon opened Desert Bread on the east side of Las Vegas, guided by organic and sustainable food principles. Partnerships with local farmers and artisans yield creative breads and pastries, such as their Crème Brulee croissants and seasonal apple cider donut muffins. Their featured bread is a fermented sourdough made with fresh-milled grains. The DB goods are sold exclusively via a drive-through pop-up on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with online pre-ordering available. Get there early, as their fans often line up before opening time, with everything typically sold out by 10 o'clock. 

Rolling Bread Dough (©Andrea Piacquadio) | WhereTraveler
Rolling Bread Dough (©Andrea Piacquadio)

Great Buns Bakery

Proudly open in Vegas since the '80s, Great Buns Bakery is a wholesale bakery open to the public off of Flamingo Road. Their iconic logo of a baker's backside bending over to put some bread in the oven is well known to long-time Vegas residents. The Madonia family are fourth-generation bakers with roots in Italy who run the facility 365 days a year. The majority of their business provides bread and baked goods to local restaurants and casinos, but the east side location is open to all. Some of their fan-favorite breads include baguettes, potato bread, Italian sesame, panettone and dinner rolls, just to name a few.

German Bread Bakery

A German couple, Michael and Uta, opened the German Bread Bakery in 2011 to share the flavors of their home with Las Vegans. There are two locations to serve Las Vegas, one in Summerlin and the other in Henderson. Their massive selection is almost overwhelming, with breads, cakes, pretzels, rolls and pastries. They also have additional seasonal specials during the holidays, along with a selection of sausages and other special-order imported foods. 

Kneading Bread Dough (©Klaus Nielsen) | WhereTraveler
Kneading Bread Dough (©Klaus Nielsen)

Fred's International Bakery

Fred and Alina opened their family bakery business using authentic recipes and techniques, sans the usual high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and other artificial ingredients commonly found in food these days. Fred's International Bakery operates out of a commercial kitchen, offering online and phone orders for pickup or delivery on Friday and Saturday mornings. Their creative bread selection features a grape and rosemary focaccia, turmeric and flax seed bread, Einkorn bread and keto-friendly bread made for those who are cutting carbs or who have dietary restrictions.  

Bon Breads Baking Co.

Owner and Master Baker Carlos Pereira immigrated to the United States from Peru, intending to start a career in hospitality management, until a part-time job in a bakery led him on a different career path in the kitchen. Bon Breads Baking Co. breads are made with high-quality ingredients and unmatched attention to detail, like his famous French sourdough made using a wild yeast starter purported to be nearly 100 years old. Bon Bread loaves are locally available at all Whole Foods groceries across the Vegas valley, and additional loaves and rolls can be purchased online. 

Sourdough Loaf (©Pixabay) | WhereTraveler
Sourdough Loaf (©Pixabay)

La Belle Terre Bakery & Cafe

The bakers at La Belle famously start their shift at midnight to have the fresh breads and pastries available first thing in the morning when their cafe opens for breakfast. The European-inspired location boasts several varieties of croissants and danishes in addition to their bread and cake slice selection. The baguettes at La Belle Terre Bakery & Cafe, available in both soft and crusty varieties, famously require a two-day process, hand-made and fermented with a family recipe starter. Come by to grab a loaf for the week or enjoy a leisurely brunch of brioche French toast, panini sandwiches and savory pastry pies.

L'elysee Bakery

Tucked into Chinatown, this bakery offers cakes, breads and chocolates from all over the globe in one location. Chefs Cory and Jesus use classic French techniques to make top-quality desserts and breads. This bakery supplies baked goods to several Strip casinos and local restaurants due to their unbeatable quality. Most of the walk-in business at L'elysee Bakery is for grab-and-go breads and pastries, but they recently expanded the menu to offer dine-in breakfast and lunch sandwiches made with their artisan breads.