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Spouting Horn

This “blowhole” is an entertaining geological marvel on the coast of Poipu, just off Lawai Road. Here the sea constantly rushes under a shelf of lava, and the water escapes through a small hole—causing a geyser of sea spray to burst forth from the rocks, shooting as high as 50 feet. Unlike other blowholes found throughout the Hawaiian Islands, at Spouting Horn the sound of the surging waters have been noted to resemble the hissing of a large reptile. Native Hawaiians thought this too, and in their mythology this coastline was believed to be guarded by a large mo‘o (lizard) who got stuck in this hole, and the sounds escaping from it were believed the be the mo‘o’s roar. Spouting Horn is even more spectacular at sunset. The popular attraction has a viewing area with plenty of available parking spaces.


Spouting Horn Park
Kauai, HI 96756
United States