#Selfies in Kauai: Our Guide to the Island's Most Picturesque Places

From caves and cliffs to blowholes, sunsets, canyons and beautiful waterfalls: These are the 8 best places in Kauai to take a picture.

There is no shame in taking pictures of yourself in public when the backdrop consists of a blazing sunset against a tie-dyed sky with a single-lane pier jutting out into the Pacific or a freshwater cave that lights up bright blue. Kauai, an island of breathtaking contrasts with its jagged peaks and dense rainforests, is a natural oasis for picture-takers. Here are some of our favorite places to take pictures in Kauai—beautiful caves, cliffs and waterfalls that are sure to catch the attention of everyone on your social media feeds.


SLIDESHOW: Kauai's Most Picturesque Spots

(Photos courtesy Garon Nobriga)