This Kansas City Water Slide Is Literally Insane

Schlitterbahn’s Verrückt slide—that’s German for "insane"—takes the water park to record-shattering heights.

The people at water-parks giant Schlitterbahn were being literal when they named their newest slide in Kansas City, Kan. The towering water slide is called "Verrüct"—in German, that means "insane"—and that’s a perfectly apt description for what is officially the world's tallest water slide.

The initial drop at Verrückt measures a dizzying 168 feet, 7 inches tall, making it taller than both the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls. But the thrills are not over after the first drop. Once riders recover from the plunge, a six-story hill stands between them and the ride’s end. Riders can top the hill thanks to new technology created by ride designer Jeff Henry. Henry and his team invented the uphill water coaster and used that foundation to create this over-the-top “monster” for the Kansas park. Riders descend in groups of two or three, but we expect it will only add to the excitement.

While smaller versions of the slide will be opening in other Schlitterbahn locations across the country, only Schlitterbahn Kansas City will be home to the record-breaking giant that has already been making waves on the Travel Channel's show "Xtreme Waterparks." The ride is now open to the public following several delays in plans. Below, get a bird’s-eye view of what riders face with this POV video shot during a test run.