The Japanese Cat Train Everyone's Talking About Right Meow

On Sept. 10, cat cafes take to the rails in Gifu Prefecture.

Now when you stare plaintively out a train window, you can do it with a cat butting its head against you. 

Japan is combining it love of trains, bento boxes and cat cafes into one glorious day trip: the cat cafe train

This sojourn into cuteness overload will make you feel good in more ways than one: the felines are all rescue cats from Gifu Prefecture's Sanctuary cat cafe. So even if you're able to resist adopting one of these kitties, you're helping to socialize them for a forever home.

The cat cafe train takes its initial run from Gifu's Ogaki station at 10:30 am and arrives at the Ikeno station at 1 pm; in the opposite direction, it leaves Ikeno at 11:20 am, making its way to Ogaki at 2:50 pm.

Future travelers were so enthused, all seats for the Sept. 10 treks sold out in less than a day.  For future rides $27 get riders an all-day ticket, bento box lunch, sweets and all the purr-therapy you can handle.


Jennifer McKee
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