4 Budget-Friendly Spots in Jacksonville for Savvy Travel

Check out these top-notch, wallet-pleasing destinations in Jacksonville, Florida this summer for a unique and social-media-post worthy vacation.

If you are looking for a fun city to play in, but don't want to break your wallet or travel too far down the Florida coast, stop by Jacksonville, Florida.

The Bold City is the largest city by area in the United States, offering plenty of things to do.The neighborhoods that span Jacksonville are all unique in their own right.

For a big city feel you can explore downtown, and to escape the stresses of life you can head to the beach—all at an affordable cost. Not many places in the world can offer those two extremes.

The Flying Iguana

If you’re looking for truly local food that just screams Jacksonville, you have to go to the beach. “The Beaches” are the neighborhoods that line Jacksonville’s coast, and each one has its own personality.Neptune Beach has a mellow charm that attracts a young crowd with plenty of surfers.

The Flying Iguana is a Latin fusion restaurant just a few streets away from Neptune Beach’s white sand. They have perfected the blend between Latin cuisine and local flavor to create imaginative tacos, salads, and griddle sandwiches. You can get tacos with fried green tomato, gravy, red potatoes, or pulled pork for five dollars or less.Their combinations sound odd, but the less likely the pairing, the more they seem to please the taste buds.

The restaurant is spacious and perfect for a quick lunch or a late night outing. The surrounding area also offers amusement for any time of the day or night.

The Cummer Museum

Tucked away in an unassuming building is Jacksonville's best art collection, and on Tuesdays you can see it for free.

Images avaliable for viewing at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida
Stop by the Cummer Museum for free admission on Tuesdays to see iconic artwork. (©Austin Smith)

Among the permanent pieces at the Cummer Museum is a series of paintings by Andy Warhol. The colorful pop art is across from the museum’s, equally as intriguing, gardens. You can travel around the world just by following the path from the English garden to the Italian garden.

Take in the stunning view of the ocean between the branches of one of Jacksonville’s oldest trees. The painting “Vanitas” has an extensive history, as well. A leading member of the Nazi party took the painting from gallery in the Netherlands during the 1927 invasion. The Cummer Museum acquired the painting over 40 years later, and it has been on display since then.

In addition to amazing art, the museum also has a children’s wing. Head over for a fun time, either with kids or without. The Cummer Museum has sights to impress any art aficionado or amateur. 

Jacksonville Beaches

Atlantic Beach, Jax Beach, Neptune Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach all make up the beaches in Jacksonville. The best thing about the beach is that they are all free.

These neighborhoods of beaches offer unique restaurants and fun things to do for all ages. So if you are tight on a budget and want to soak in the sun head out to the beaches of Jacksonville and enjoy the slow pace of town.

St. Augustine

Only a few miles up the road from Jacksonville lies the historic town of St. Augustine. It was one of the first established settlements in the United States and remains a tourist hotspot. If you have a low budget, you can hit the local beach or take a ghost tour around the ancient town.

St. Augustine also has a vibrant music and art scene. Plenty of big name musicians perform here  every year as people line the streets to attend these festivals. There are plenty of cool things to see in St. Augustine as the “oldest city” in America.