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The sleepy village of Mayport is about to be awakened by developers interested in revitalizing the area. Located at the mouth of the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, the quaint community has rocked along for decades, supporting itself primarily with fishing and shrimping (it’s also the home of a major U.S. naval base). A handful of businesses are holding on, despite rising fuel costs and increasing competition from seafood imports. In addition, there are a couple of restaurants, so visitors still can get a taste of an old-time fishing village complete with shrimp boats and birds dockside. Much of Mayport’s activity these days comes from people crossing the river to Fort George Island on the ferry, which has been in operation since 1948. Developers are planning a two-and-a-half-acre, mixed-use development with 50 condos built on top of 15,000 square feet of shop space to help begin revitalizing the area.


Mayport Naval Station
Jacksonville, FL 32233
United States