Rudolf Restauran: Beguiling Flavours Straight from Nature

The Karaköy quarter is İstanbul’s rising star, the perfect neighbourhood for its latest hotel, 10 Karaköy. Inside, the new 82-seat restaurant Rudolf is proving to be a real hit, serving unusual flavours created by top chef Rudolf van Nunen.

A 22-year veteran of Turkey, and an expert on local flavours and cuisines, the Dutch chef focuses on global and Mediterranean cuisine. An advocate of the Slow Food movement, he turns out tempting breakfast, lunch and dinner with a host of artistically presented hot appetizers, main dishes and desserts – all in exquisite surroundings plus a bar and terrace. To see how important a role nature plays at the restaurant, look no further than the delicious homemade breads, pastries and regional cheeses. The well-stocked wine cellar, also a product of much hard work, stocks several internationally awarded wines in its Riedel room. The venue is the latest in the world hotel chain Morgans Group.

10 KARAKÖY, A MORGANS ORIGINAL | Kemeraltı Cad. 10, Karaköy | T: 0212 703 3325.