Don't-Miss Restaurants in Istanbul: Konyalı Lokantası

Traditional and delightful tastes of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine meet at Kanyon Konyalı and Topkapı Sarayı Konyalı.

Located within the Topkapı Palace Museum and Kanyon Shopping Centre, Konyalı Lokantası is popular with statesmen, major artists, company executives welcoming foreign guests, and anyone wishing to experience Turkish cuisine at its finest. With its new renovation and expansion, Konyalı Topkapı Sarayı is truly deserving of its location, welcoming guests with award-winning cuisine and a breathtaking view, while contemporary style, the finest ingredients, and simple, modern style meet at Kanyon Konyalı.

The result of four generations of expertise in the subtleties of Ottoman-Turkish cuisine, Kanyon Konyalı began in 1969 as Topkapı Sarayı Konyalı Restaurant. Now run by great grandson Mehmet Eren Doğanbey, it offers a vast choice dishes from a cuisine that combines flavours and ingredients from every corner of a vast empire. Kanyon Konyalı is one of a very few restaurants preserving the Ottoman tradition of şerbets, drinks made from fruit juices and other ingredients, often with subtle spicing as well, and epitomized by the Ottoman Palace Şerbet, prepared from a complex secret recipe.

Konyalı Topkapı Sarayı | Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi içi, Sultanahmet. | T: 0212 513 9696.

Konyalı Kanyon | Büyükdere Cad. 185 K:1, Levent. | T: 0212 353 0450.