Top Pizza in Town: Indy's Favorite Spots for a Slice

15 of the most popular Indy pizza joints serving slices and more.

With iconic pizza town Chicago a mere 200 miles due north, it’s not all that essential for Indianapolis to have a pizza culture of its own, because that would be like nurturing a bagel scene in New Jersey or Mexicali cuisine in Tahoe, right? And yet it does.

Spots that serve up steaming pies—deep-dish, thin-crust, extra crispy and otherwise—stud the restaurant landscape all over the city. There are the posh, quail egg laden versions in Meridien-Kessler courtesy of Martha Hoover’s Napolese. There are the artery-clogging, famously stuffed pies a no-frills English pub in Broad Ripple. Here, we mention our favorites:


This family owned Hoosier state chain knows how to do thin-crust pizza, so much so that it now operates two satellite ‘bullpen’ locations at Victory Field. Have a slice while the Indiana Indians hit one out of the park. 501 W. Maryland St. 

Pearl Street pizzas

Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub

Between the microbrew stouts on draft at the shotgun-style bar and the hearty artisanal pizzas coming out of the oven at this family owned modern hangout, patrons won’t have to eat for days after filling their bellies in one meal here. The tucked away location means the crowd inside—and there is a crowd—is mostly local. 65 E. Pearl St., 317.638.3110

Ale Emporium

It May be called the Ale Emporium, but the pizza here is not to be overlooked. Gourmet toppings run the gamut, from smoked gouda and sun-dried tomatoes to artichoke hearts and chorizo sausage. Regular, thin-crust and pan-style pizzas are available so any palate can be pleased. Arcade games, 80 HDTVs, a jukebox and shuffleboard also make this pizza stop tops on locals' lists. 8617 Allisonville Road, 317.842.1333

Union Jack pie

Union Jack

Forget what you think you know about British food and dig deep into the deep-dish pizza at this English pub. A secret recipe, 40 minutes of oven time and countless awards leave locals’ mouths watering for this Chicago-style specialty that this place can and will butter and stuff. 924 Broad Ripple Ave., 317.257.4343  

Fresco Italian Cafe

This Italian Cafe sits along the Indianapolis Canal Walk and serves flatbread pizzas that are nothing to scoff at. Taste a bit of Tuscany with a pie of pesto, garlic, red onion, green olive and mozzarella or go Cosmopolitan with homemade tomato sauce, crumbled sausage, green pepper, red onion and mushrooms. 310 W. Michigan St., 317.797.9185

Puccini's Smiling Teeth Pizza and Pasta

The pies here are as creative and quirky as its name. For 25 years, Puccini's has been slicing up specialties like the Campfire with its smoked sausage and sweet onion marmalade melding with gorgonzola and fresh rosemary, or the plant-loaded Veg-Head featuring piles of broccoli, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, olives, garlic and fontina cheese. Plus, the menu boasts more than 50 gluten-free dishes. 1508 W. 86th St.; 3944 E. 82nd St.; 7829 Sunnyside Road; 11695 Fall Creek Road

Slider garden pie from Bazbeaux


Serving in well-trodden ‘hoods like Mass Avenue and Broad Ripple, this whimsical pizzeria has been enticing locals for more than 30 years. Sauce is made on-site and toppings get as creative as hearts of palm, black bean dip and housemade chorizo. At lunch, patrons can snag slices until 2 pm. Broad Ripple boasts a beautiful outdoor deck. 811 E. Westfield Blvd., 317.255.5711 

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Things get creative here with toppings that reach far beyond the confines of the typical pepperoni or cheese. Try a Creole creation of cheesy etouffee, smoked Cajun sausage, green pepper and choice of crawfish or shrimp, or punch up the Mediterranean flavors with hummus, kalamata and green olives, red onion, tomato and a three-cheese blend. 5646 E. Washington St., 317.356.6612


Take a bite out of Goodfellas' Big Apple-style pizzas that will keep you coming back for more. Pizzas make a nod to the gangster film that shares the restaurant's name: The Vinny is a white pie with garlic, olive oil, ricotta and mozzarella that is simple and rustic yet delicious while the Fuhgetaboutit loads on every available topping! 545 Massachusetts Ave., 317.602.3401

Napolese table spread


Patachou’s artisanal pizzeria offshoot pushes the envelope, tastefully, and from its 1,200-degree oven sends out inventive combinations including the Hamaker’s Corner (pepperoni, Italian sausage, provolone and mushroom) and the Elliot’s Pie (pancetta, roasted new potatoes and gorgonzola). Of course, diners are invited to freestyle their Neapolitan-style pie using toppings like pork pastor or quail eggs. 114 E. 49th St., 317.925.0765  


This rustic pizzeria is serving up specialty pies in true Italian style and offering a sweet selection of wines. Taste Mediterranean favorites like the Mare with spicy pomodoro cream sauce, gulf shrimp, fior di latte, leeks, caramelized onion and parmigiano. It's molto bene! 1134 E. 54th St., 317.820.5100

Some Guys Pizza

What sets this dough-slinging restaurant apart from other pie joints in town? That would have to be the housemade dough—fresh daily—of course. The from-scratch family recipes offer a singular dining experience and myriad pie flavors make the menu (think jerk chicken, Cajun sausage or Hawaiian pineapple and capocollo, all baked up in the wood-fire oven). 6235 North Allisonville Road, 317.257.1364

Deep-dish pies


Mama Giordano’s Italian Easter Pie is what keeps throngs flocking to the Indy outpost of this Chicago original. The signature, multiple-inches-thick stuffed deep-dish pie is frosted with tomato sauce and oozing with cheese. Diners watching their waistlines can opt for thin crust or the crispy extra-thin crust. 43 N. Illinois St., 317.288.3415


The New York tradition of thin-crust pizza settles in nicely at this Indy eatery. Pies are aptly named with New York highlights in mind such as the Broadway with spinach, mushroom and black olives or the Canal Street, a meat lover's paradise of pepperoni, sausage and bacon. 8810 S. Emerson Ave., 317.865.0911


Fine wine and authentic Italian eats are good indicators that the pizza is something special. Though the options are limited, the brick-oven pies here are expertly crafted to match the authentic Mediterranean vibes of the restaurant. 946 S. Meridien St., 317.974.1100