Raise a Fork for Indiana's State Pie

A sampler of sugar cream pies from across Indianapolis

First thing to know: Indiana has a state pie. (We take this stuff seriously.) Next thing to know: It’s sugar cream pie, and it is delicious in its simplicity. Like many revolutionary culinary milestones, this one likely came about out of the chef’s great allies: accident or more likely, desperation. Common ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, vanilla) likely to be on-hand at all times would’ve made it a cinch in even the scrappiest settler kitchen. The alchemy of baking gives it the barest of crisp surfaces, so pleasing to sink a fork into. The rest is history

Mouth watering? Ours, too. So get a taste of Hoosier history at: 1913 Restaurant, whose whole menu updates classic regional fare (like a wedge salad and roasted trout), and whose pie comes alongside a batch of preserved, spiced peach; Locally Grown Gardens, a charming farm stand/gourmet takeout/kitchen wares amalgam, where there’s always time for a slice and a coffee; or Shapiro’s Delicatessen, who take their inspiration from the baker’s grandma’s recipe.