Dine By Design: Six Stylish Indianapolis Restaurants

These Indianapolis restaurants make dining an experience with the exquisite dining rooms and setups.

Anyone who spends much time in restaurants these days (and we know that includes you, dear traveler!) can’t escape the fact that it’s not just all about the food anymore — if it ever was. An increasing amount of attention is being lavished on the entire experience, which can include everything from the chair you sit in to the ice in your glass (we’re looking at you, Delicia, with your fancy infused ice!). Here, a few more of our favorite dining rooms worth a long look.

The Loft at Traders Point Creamery

 “Farm-to-table” gets serious: the farm is the organic dairy outside, and the table’s upstairs in The Loft restaurant. Feast your eyes on the aging cheeses just beyond the glass, while you feast your belly on the grass fed beef burger.   

Window to the farm-fresh cheeses aging at The Loft at Traders Point Creamery
The cheese-window at The Loft (©Traders Point Creamery)


In the ultra-stylish Alexander hotel, the signature restaurant features several distinctive areas, none more cozy than “The Nest,” a woven birch enclosure that encompasses a small group of tables.  

Mimi Blue

The stock-in-trade here is meatballs. Meatballs in five varieties (including veggie, so make that “meat” balls.) Look up: giant globe chandeliers provide a nice counterpoint to the orbs on your plate, while brass railing and brick define the clubby interior.  

Ruth’s Chris

Multimillion-dollar build out of the steak house’s newest location in town means it now boasts multilevel seating, a huge patio, an exposed staircase/mezzanine and a crackling fireplace. 

Plow & Anchor

Tucked away into a corner spot behind the Central Library, this seafood-heavy spot keeps it simple and sleek, with black-and-white color scheme, clean lines, and wood and wrought-iron fixtures.