'Hyper-Traveling' Through the Nation of Georgia

Polish videographer Piotr Wancerz 'tunnels' his way through this former Soviet state, showcasing the country's visual glory.

Polish videographer Piotr Wancerz put his hyperlapse skills to the test with this amazing look at the nation of Georgia, which straddles Western Asia and Eastern Europe. While the country may be best known for its Black Sea beaches and the accompanying resorts, Wancerz pointed his camera around the entire nation, which was part of the Soviet Union until 1991, and the video he produced captured the country's beauty and scenic diversity everywhere.

"I was planning to visit Georgia for a few years, and finally when I got a chance, I wanted to make a video that would show most of locations I wanted to visit," explains Wancerz. "I came up with an idea to make it like a big, long tunnel, constantly going through the little windows I tried to find. After I made some test shots at home, I knew it was going to work. Just before our trip I've decided to make it even more complex, so I used high-dynamic range technique."

When he came back from his trip, Wancerz, saw that he could use his footage to help promote what he saw as an off-the-beaten-path destination that deserved to be on the global radar.

"All I wanted to achieve after I came back from Georgia was to show this country to more people so they may want to go there and see those places too," Wancerz said.
"Georgia deserves to be a more popular tourist destination."

Wancerz's tips for travelers planning a vacation to Georgia are simple: "Just go there; see it with your own eyes. Amazing landscapes are only 20 percent of what Georgia is. Most importantly, the people are so friendly and they will make you want to stay there forever.  You should also visit Tbilisi, Batumi and Kazbegi. This way you can experience city, seaside and mountainous adventures."

Equipment used: "I used Canon 60D with Tokina 11-16 lens, all of the shots are handheld, except first and last ones; those are the only shots I used a tripod for."

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