How to Help Ukraine Now

Charity Discount Clubs is donating 100% of all commissions to three humanitarian organizations assisting Ukraine with supplies and aid. 

With the state of the world at this moment, people want to help out now more than ever. It’s easy to feel helpless and wonder what you can do. There are countless organizations right now taking donations and providing humanitarian assistance to those in Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes. 

Help Ukraine With Your Daily Purchases at Charity Discount Clubs

One easy way to help out is by simply making purchases you would make in your day-to-day lives via our sister-company at Charity Discount Clubs. When you sign up and make your regular purchases through the online portal, 100% of the commissions Charity Discount Clubs earn from retail partners will be donated directly to fund one of three organizations providing humanitarian response: Project Hope Ukraine Relief, GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund and Razom. 

Charity Discount Clubs provides money-saving opportunities for everyday purchases at online stores like Best Buy, GameStop, Kroger, Freshly, JC Penny, 1-800-Contacts, Kohl’s, Petco and more. Even tasks like doing your taxes with H&R Block or creating an estate plan with Trust & Will can put funds into humanitarian aid efforts from these three organizations. 

Ukrainian Flag Painted Wall | WhereTraveler
Ukrainian Flag Painted Wall (©Tina Hartung)

Project Hope Ukraine Relief

Project Hope Ukraine Relief is currently operating with boots on the ground in Ukraine. The organization is currently working on getting necessary medications and medical supplies to the people of Ukraine that urgently need medical assistance.

Project Hope is also coordinating with teams in Poland, Moldova, and Romania to assist refugees coming over the border into those territories and requiring immediate aid. Project Hope recently helped in emergency relief programs like the 2021 Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and has over six decades of humanitarian aid experience. 

GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund provides aid to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and the surrounding regions to assist Ukrainian refugees who have been taken into neighboring countries. This assistance includes food, shelter, water and more.

GlobalGiving has utilized over $100 million to assist those in need during times of crisis. The organization has been operating since 2004 with relief programs like the Afghanistan Emergency Fund, Tigray Famine and Crisis Relief Fund and the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. It is accredited with the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.


Razom means “together” in Ukrainian, which is exactly what this organization aims to do. The Razom mission statement says, “Razom creates spaces where people meet, partner and work together to unlock the potential of Ukraine.” The organization has created an emergency response team to provide medical supplies and medications to those in urgent need of healthcare assistance.

The team has partnered with numerous humanitarian organizations to help facilitate the procurement and distribution of supplies and has partnered with neighboring governments and embassies to ensure those in need receive aid quickly.