How to Decorate Your Bathroom Like a Luxe Hotel

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Abyss Habidecor Super Pile towel collection from Gracious Home
(Courtesy Gracious Home)

Fluffy white towels are the standard of any five-star hotel bathroom, but a dynamic way to compliment that clean look is with a bold-colored accent towel. This contrast of color is the perfect way to transition from season to season without committing to something drastic like new paint for the walls. Abyss & Habidecor Super Pile bath towels come in 60 vibrant colors and are made with Giza 70 Egyptian cotton for unmatched extra softness, absorbency and durability.

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Abyss & Habidecor Eden rug from Gracious Home
(Courtesy Gracious Home)
Bath Rugs

Treat your feet to something luxurious. No one wants to get out of a soothing shower, but it helps when the first thing you step on is a bath rug or mat that is not only plush and comfortable, but beautiful. The Abyss & Habidecor Eden rug is tantalizingly soft and its geometric design was inspired by palm leaves, shadow, light and relaxing shades of blue.

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Mike & Ally White Ice Collection from Gracious Home
(Courtesy Gracious Home)
Bath Accessories

Like towels, bath accessories—tissue box covers, lotion bottles, soap dishes, tumblers and more—come in a variety of colors, materials and looks. Though physically small, these items make a sizable difference in the overall look of a bathroom’s cohesiveness. The Mike & Ally White Ice Collection is classic and clean, with its ultra thick and durable 3/8” Lucite build.

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Valsan shelving from Gracious Home
(Courtesy Gracious Home)
Bath Hardware

From shelving to towel racks to tissue holders to hooks, having matching bathroom hardware exquisitely unifies the room’s composition. Updating these fixtures is a subtle, but still noticeable way to give your bathroom a makeover. High quality hardware from innovative brand Valsan comes in a variety of styles, ranging from accents of smooth circles or structured squares.

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Holtkoetter Filia sconce from Gracous Home
(Courtesy Gracious Home)

Flush mount lights offer great overhead lighting for bathrooms while sconces are perfect for creating a softer glow from their mounts on the wall. The Holtkoetter Filia sconce—available in brushed brass, brushed bronze and stainless steel—adds an artistic flair to the bathroom while also providing light.

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Diane James Hydrangea bouquet
(Courtesy Gracious Home)
Decorative Accessories

Trays for lotions and powders, beautiful bouquets of flowers and decorative vases and balls add an added something—be it whimsy, warmth or intrigue—to the space. The Diane James Home large white hydrangea bouquet has 17 stems and four varieties of beautiful blooms arranged in a modern glass bowl. This long-lasting arrangement will brighten up any bathroom.

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Santorini diffuser
(Courtesy Gracious Home)
Candles and Fragrances

Fragrant diffusers and soothing scented candles make charming decorations, but also their aromas can help you relax and create a comforting ambience. Rotate scents as seasons change or replenish your favorite fragrance year-round. The Antica Farmacista Santorini diffuser, available in 250-ml and 500-ml bottles, pairs exotic spice and natural wood essences with a playful medley of crisp citrus and green notes. The subtle sweet scents of rosewood, warm sandalwood and aromatic cardamom enhance top notes of Italian bergamot sweet verbena and fresh vetyver.

By Katie Labovitz on 06/06/2017

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