Where to Stay in Hilton Head

The island presents more than 3,000 hotel rooms, and plenty of villas and condos. Here's where to start researching Hilton Head lodging:

When you vacation at Hilton Head, you have the option of staying at hotels, motels, villas or private homes that are being rented out by their owners. The hotels and motels range from modern, well-maintained establishments on the island’s main thoroughfares to full-blown resorts situated in or adjacent to Hilton Head’s luxurious golf communities. The villas are fully furnished condominiums set in apartment buildings and town houses, many of them with pools and locations close to beaches, golf clubs, and tennis courts.

There’s plenty to choose from—Hilton Head has more than 3,000 hotel and motel rooms, 6,000 villa units, 1,000 time-share units, and an array of rental homes ranging from oceanfront mansions to laid-back cottages.
For information on villas, timeshares and private homes, call one of the island’s numerous central reservations services. Among these are the Hilton Head Condo Hotline (843-785-2939, 800-258-5852), Hilton Head Accommodations and Golf Hotline (843-686-6662, 800-444-4772; www.hiltonheadusa.com), and Hilton Head Vacation Rentals (843-689-3010, 800-476-4485).