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Hawaii's Valley of the Kings: The Waipio Valley

This mystical valley is one of the most spectacular day trips on the Big Island

Great Hawaiian chiefs have been laid to rest in this “Valley of the Kings,” home to generations of ali‘i (royalty) and the lo‘i (taro fields) the Hawaiians tended faithfully. Framed by a black-sand beach, 2,000-foot cliffs, and waterfalls immortalized in song, Waipi‘o has a palpable mystical power and is considered by Hawaiians to be sacred. Before western contact in 1778, as many as 10,000 Hawaiians are believed to have lived among Waipi‘o’s temples, sacred sites and taro farms. Go to the lookout point in Honoka‘a to admire this cultural treasure, and be aware that the steep road down is restricted to four-wheel-drive vehicles. More information