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Meet the Bees: A Tasting Tour of Big Island Honey

Aside from snow-capped Maunakea, the lush rainforests of Hamakua Coast, PGA pro-worthy golf courses and black-sanded beaches, the Big Island is also home to a lesser-known attraction – bee farms.

Visit Big Island Bees and learn about the manpower behind our favorite golden jars. Get a closer look at the inner workings of bees and their sweet fruits of labor as a beekeeper walks you through actual hives and even shows you where the “Queen Bee” resides.

Enjoy free tours of the beehives daily from 9:30 am to 11 am and free admission to their museum from 11 am to 4 pm. Allow yourself to get lost in the sampling station as you taste the stark differences between each raw, organic honey. My favorite is the Ohia Lihua Blossom, a white textured honey that is as great on toast as it is in tea.

Honey jars from Big Island Bees

Take home more than just memories and photographs when visiting Big Island Bees where souvenirs offer long-lasting and sweet rewards. Order their products online or learn about great recipes at www.bigislandbees.com.