The Fearsome Beauty of Hawaii's Volcanoes

Time-lapse footage captures volcanoes under the night sky, and the steamy explosion as lava flows meet the Pacific

As the temperatures continue to drop during these long winter months I find myself thinking back to the year and a half I lived in Hawaii.  Sipping hot cocoa in 80-degree weather never quite felt like the holidays but it was hard to argue with opening presents in your bathing suit. While a spur-of-the-moment trip back to Honolulu isn't on my agenda this winter, this video from Vimeo user QT Luong really helps capture the raw, awe-inspiring beauty that makes Hawaii special.  Most of the footage was captured on the Big Island.

If you decide a wintertime trip to paradise is irresistible, by all means see the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in person. The natural beauty will make you want to break out your own camera, so before you go, visit the blog of photographer QT Luoung to pick up video and photgraphy tips on how to capture Hawaii's majestic lava flows.

Slideshow: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park