A Perfect Pairing Getaway in Australia

The new romantic comedy on Netflix just might inspire plenty of wanderlust for travelers!

With the release of "A Perfect Pairing" on Netflix (just in time for National Wine Day), rom-com fans might be looking into their very own visit to Queensland, Australia. The stunning scenery is the perfect complement to the feel-good film. "We were definitely spoiled with locations. I mean, no studio; it's all outdoors and nature. You know, I've said this many times—it's like a tourism campaign for Australia, and it's like a postcard to it. It was stunning. It was absolutely stunning," star Adam Demos said during an interview. We've rounded up four ways to enjoy your own perfect pairing visit. 

Victoria Justice and Adam Demos in "A Perfect Pairing" | WhereTraveler
Victoria Justice and Adam Demos in "A Perfect Pairing" (Courtesy Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022)

"A Perfect Pairing" Guide to Queensland

Wildlife Sanctuary 

Lola Alvarez was more than a little excited to see the kangaroos hopping around in real life (and smart to keep her distance). While Australia is undoubtedly known for its adorable wildlife, the animals need their space and visiting them in sanctuaries is the best way to view them safely. 

The film's star Victoria Justice visited one of the sanctuaries during her visit and loved every moment of it. "I got to hold a koala for like 15 minutes, and it was 15 of the best minutes of my life," Justice said. "Because they're so sweet, and I just love them so much, and then I spooned a kangaroo. I had these little marmoset monkeys jumping all over me on my head, and it was just the best. Australian wildlife is incredible. And I can't wait to go back. I loved it so much."

Koala | WhereTraveler
Koala (©Jordan Whitt)

A visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect way to visit with all of the famous Australian wildlife in an environment that's safe for visitors and the residents. Guests can have wildlife encounters with certain animals—you can even book a premium experience like the Koala Breakfast! 

Winery Visit

Since the basis of the film is wine, why not make a visit to one of Australia's stunning wineries? Parts of the film were shot at a local winery; however, the cast didn't get to take in too much research (aka wine drinking) due to COVID restrictions; however, the scenery in the film more than made up for it. "Luckily, where we did work with those protocols was like the greatest landscape of all time,' Justice told us. 

Victoria Justice and Adam Demos in "A Perfect Pairing" | WhereTraveler
Victoria Justice and Adam Demos in "A Perfect Pairing" (Courtesy Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022)

Now that restrictions have been lifted considerably, make the most of your visit and take in a great tour or tasting. If you're looking for a full experience, check out a property like Hampton Estate Wines, where you can enjoy a tour of the winery, a wine tasting and even stay on property at the Mount Tamborine Boutique Suites onsite. The estate also has a full-service restaurant so visitors can indulge in a full meal with their wine selection. 

Farm Stay

Though the backbreaking work of the team doesn't particularly look like a great time, the cast enjoyed their time with the animals. "So we had three sheep that play by Baaabra, and they were Peanut, Butter and Jelly. Peanut was sort of like the main star; she followed directions the best, I would say, but they were so adorable. I love them. Every time I would show up to set and just see them in their pen, it just made me feel cozy and at home. I'd wave to them and be like, Hi, friends!" 

Victoria Justice in "A Perfect Pairing" | WhereTraveler
Victoria Justice in "A Perfect Pairing" (Courtesy Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022)

If you're looking for an authentic visit to a farm, you can actually enjoy a farm stay at rural locations like the Tommerups Dairy Farm. The working farm is a sixth-generation dairy farm that hosts various open days and farm stay accommodations in two guest houses. Visitors can take in the full experience of farm life feeding the animals, milking the cows and exploring the grounds. 


You can truly enjoy the scenery at all hours of the day camping in the Numinbah Valley, like Lola and Max on their overnight trip. Natural Bridge Retreat was used for filming in "A Perfect Pairing," and it's a popular spot for visitors to camp and take in all the stunning views. Those looking to rough it can check out the various campsites here

Just make sure to watch out for those interrupting cows. "When Adam and I were doing our like romantic campfire scene where we kiss, we were like in the middle of filming right before we were about to kiss, and a cow just started mooing so loudly off-screen, and I was like trying so hard to stay in character, but I broke because it was ridiculous," Justice told us, laughing. That definitely makes for an unforgettable camping story. 

"A Perfect Pairing" is streaming now on Netflix

Numinbah Valley | WhereTraveler
Numinbah Valley (©Raygar He)