11 Kombucha Bars We Love

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Kombucha Cheers
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Pouring Some Healdsburg SHED Kombucha.
Courtesy Healdsburg SHED
SHED: Healdsburg, CA

SHED in Healdsburg, CA, is a high-end kitchen, coffee and fermentation bar. Expect to find homemade kefir, wine, mead, beer, natural sodas and kombucha on tap.

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3 Lenny Boys in a Row
Courtesy Lenny Boy Brewing Co.
Lenny Boy: Charlotte, NC

Lenny Boy Brewing Company, in Charlotte, North Carolina, was the first “Certified Organic” kombucha producer in the Southeast. Enjoy a draft, flight, bottle or crowler - a 32 oz. growler-sized can - with the probiotic packed kombucha.

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Colorfully Healthy Probiotic Smoothie Bowl
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Maui Kombucha: Maui, HI

The Maui Kombucha bar served the Haiku community in Maui, Hawaii, dishing up more than just batches of the beneficial, bacteria-infused tea. Try out the raw vegan fare for the full experience.

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Glory Bucha with Berries
Courtesy GloryBucha
GloryBucha: Seattle, WA

GloryBucha, in Arlington, Washington, is home to one of Seattle’s first kombucha bar micro-breweries open to visitors. Each bubbly beverage undergoes a unique process to create a well-balanced kombucha that is neither cloyingly sweet nor overly acidic.

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Big Easy Bucha bottles
Courtesy Big Easy Bucha
Big Easy Bucha: New Orleans, LA

The Big Easy is home to aptly named Big Easy Bucha. Open your mind and palette and try one of the fabulous, fun, fizzy flavors at the largest commercial brewery and kombucha bar in the Gulf South. For a caffeine buzz try the coffee kombucha or simmer down with a swig of the satsuma flavored elixir.

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Kombucha in a mason jar
Courtesy Skybird Juice Bar and Experimental Kitchen
Skybird Juice Bar and Experimential Kitchen: Orlando, FL

Head to East End Market in Orlando, Florida, for Skybird Juice Bar and Experimental Kitchen and its range of local, organic tasties. Enjoy the seasonal kombucha selections, smoothies, juices and breakfast bowls.  

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Colorful Lucky Elixirs
The Brewkery: Kansas City, MO

The Brewkery is the artisanal brewing company and home of “Lucky Elixir Kombucha.” The brews are produced using ingredients local to Kansas City and range in flavor from “Berry Blend” to “Ginger Lime.”

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Small batches of tea
©Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash
Orlando City Kombucha: Winter Park, FL

Orlando City Kombucha makes its fermented tea in small batches using seasonal ingredients. The organic kombucharia is constantly experimenting with fresh, high-quality hop varieties to achieve the best brew possible. Regular flavors at the kombucha bar range from “Beet It” to “Mojito,” while seasonal flavors include “Seminole Pumpkin Spice” and “Blood Orange.”

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Three Bottle of Blue Ridge Bucha Kombucha
Courtesy Blue Ridge Bucha
Blue Ridge Bucha: Afton, VA

The organic Blue Ridge Bucha in Afton, Virginia is concocted from pure Blue Ridge Mountain water to craft flavors like “Bluegrass Bucha” and “Elderflower Sunrise.” To minimize waste, the glass jug or bottle is included in the purchase so that patrons can refill that same bottle at the kombucha bar more than once.

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Mamachari kombucha bottles
Courtesy Mamachari Kombucha
Mamachari Kombucha: Salt Lake City, UT

The core flavors at Mamachari Kombucha in Salt Lake City range from “Roots and Botanicals” to “Jasmine Rose.” The nut-free, gluten-free, corn-free, raw kombucha company offers seasonal selections at its taproom bar. 

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Cultured South Flight
(Courtesy Cultured South Fermentation Company)
Cultured South Fermentation Company: Atlanta, GA

Cultured South Fermentation Company, local to Atlanta, offers more than just fermented kombucha brews. The purveyor offers a full range of fermented products including Pure Abundance Cashew Cheese and Gold Kombucha.

By Savanna Syms on 03/13/2018

Popular Kombucha Bars

Kombucha is a bubbly, bright and funky brew made from ingredients such as fermented tea, beneficial bacteria and yeast.

It's a trendy drink that's a little sweet and a little sour, with a long history that dates back to 3rd century China. This ancient, gut-pleasing concoction is winning hearts and minds of the young and old alike in kombucha bars across the country.