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Ball & Chain’s Zack Bush on Kid-Friendly Miami and His New Book

The nightlife impresario chats about the book and his favorite kid-friendly spots in the area.

Zack Bush, co-owner of Ball & Chain and Mad Room Hospitality recently launched a children’s book, Made for Me. The adorable tale is the story about a fathers love for his little one and the tender moments between father and child. We chatted with the nightlife impresario about the book and his favorite kid-friendly spots in the area.

Why did you decide to write a children's book?

When my first child was born just over 3 years ago I was truly moved and overcome by emotion.  I put ink to paper and the book really wrote itself.  I tried to capture the raw emotion of the true life changing joy that came into life with my first and then later my second child. 

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly activities in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale?

We love Zumbini (music class). We also love the Poppet Project, Artsy Hive--but I think my kids favorite activities include dancing at Ball & Chain followed by a scoop of ice cream at Azucar

What's your biggest piece of advice to new parents traveling with their kids in Miami and/or Ft. Lauderdale?

As long as the kids are engaged, they are happy.  They love their DVDs and of course they have their own tastes in music.  We try to limit screen time at home, so when the kids get screen time while traveling it's an added bonus for them. Laughter is also key.  I am constantly trying to make both kids laugh.  My real secret weapon; however, is my wife Gina. She is the absolute best with the kids while home and/or traveling--and I truly marvel at her constant giving, energy and love.

Have any must-pack, kid-friendly items? 

Snacks, diapers, coloring books, juice.  With a one and a three year old, it's a never-ending list.  It takes a good 30 minutes to leave the house— whether it's a car trip down the street or a trip to the airport!