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Airplanes may be the most common way to visit Grand Bahama Island, but ferries are an excellent alternative. With plenty of room to walk around, a cafe for snacks and a bar for refreshments, the journey is equally as fun as the destination. Check website for schedule. Ferries leave at 8 am and return at 10 pm. 

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Take a fun, fast ferry ride to Grand Bahama Island from Port Everglades port. Our ferry leaves regularly at 8 AM arriving in Grand Bahama at 11:30 AM. The ferry returns at 6:30 PM again and arrives home at Port Everglades at 10 PM.

It’s the perfect getaways for a day trip to the Bahamas. If you want to swim with the dolphins, fish, dive, shop or simply relax enjoy the sun, sea and surf of the Bahamas, Balearia will take you there. Day resort beach passes available including transportation and lunch. Or, love the island, stay at one of our partner hotels.

On board, life is comfortable, we can accommodate 600 persons in relaxing seats. There’s plenty of room to walk around, enjoy the sea breezes by day and the starts by night on our outdoor deck. Our café is always open for you to purchase breakfast in the morning and snacks, sandwiches in the evening. Our bar is always open. While on board check out the duty-free shop and purchase your excursion on the island from our reception. Bon voyage! See you on board!

Day trip each way plus tax.

Reservations: 954.533.4211  |  online

Port Everglades, Terminal 1
1800 SE 18th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
United States

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