Food Week and Tasty ‘Green’ Sites

On the one hand, there’s the theme of Expo 2015: “Feeding the planet, energy for life.” On the other hand, this is Italy and if one doesn’t talk about food here, where else would one talk about it? In any case, it goes without saying that in Milan, the focus on nature is intertwined with the idea of eating good, healthy, genuine food.

The event of the month is certainly
Milano Food Week ( Scheduled to take place from 7 to 15 May, Food Week is a series of events that includes thematic tastings, unscheduled openings of markets and shops, special menus at restaurants and enogastronomic tours outside the city. Pick whatever suits you best and your taste buds will be grateful. A picturesque experience could be the by-now-traditional, end-of-event picnic held on the lawns of Parco Sempione and open to everyone.

If you’re not going to be in Milan during the week of the festival, do not despair! Here are three “green” experiences with which to console yourself. For “organic food lovers,” we suggest
Trattoria Noi Due ( in Via Col di Lana 1. Situated in a former dairy, this tiny restaurant boasting only a few places offers strictly biological and vegetarian food. For the more “ethnically minded,” a good option is Govinda, a historic restaurant established by the Milanese Hare Krishna movement located Via Valpetrosa 5 offering Indian vegetarian-style menus in an evocative setting. For the more “fashion-oriented,” an excellent option is the Grand Visconti Palace, which offers a Green Brunch featuring zero kilometer and gluten-free products.