Fette Sau

Meat and Sides (Courtesy Fette Sau)

One of the more unconventional barbecue restaurants in the city is Fette Sau. For fifteen years, this restaurant in Williamsburg has combined the fun of an outdoor picnic with the style of a New York City restaurant.

You can enjoy your meat served on butcher paper at one of their indoor picnic tables surrounded by their rustic bar area. Some of their more traditional dishes you can order are the “Duroc Pork Ribs” or “Duroc Pulled Pork” covered in their house dry rub of spices, or you can taste a world of flavors with the “Berkshire Spicy Sausage.”

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, try their “Berkshire Pork Belly” smoked in-house. Top your meal off with a side of potato salad or baked beans to make your indoor-outdoor barbecue experience complete. 

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