Sign Here: 10 Meals Not for The Weak

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burger with peppers
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phaal curry next to a milkshake
©Joey/Flickr, Creative Commons
Brick Lane Curry House: New York City

This restaurant serves phaal curry that will make you sweat like you just ran a marathon. Upon completion, you earn an ice cold beer and your picture on the "Phaal of fame."

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sushi rolls spread out
©Ernesto Andrade/Flickr, Creative Commons
Bushido: Charleston, South Carolina

The Bushido Seppuku Challenge is an increasing level of heat in 10 sushi rolls and if you manage to eat all 10 in one sitting, you earn a headband that entitles you to an appetizer everytime you visit after that (you have to wear the headband to take advantage). Visitors must schedule the challenge at least 24 hours ahead and be prepared to take on the three pounds of tuna.

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Cups of Ice Cream
The Ice Cream Shop: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

You need to sign a waiver to even sample the Ghost Pepper Ice Cream. If you manage to finish this ice cream, there are no rewards other than the satisfaction that it's over.

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Burger with peppers
Chunky's Burgers: San Antonio, Texas

This burger, referred to as the hottest burger on the planet, is called The 4 Horsemen as it has habaneros, jalapenos, serranos and the infamous ghost peppers. You get 25 minutes to complete the challenge and after finishing you have to wait five minutes—to make sure you keep your burger down—in order to win a spot on the wall.

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giant burrito on a plate
©Las Flores Olde Town Mex
Las Flores Olde Town Mex: Conyers, Georgia

If you think you can eat a burrito the size of a human head, then the Burrito Chingon is your challenge. This 8-pound combination of meat, cheese, veggies and tortillas is free if you manage to consume all of it. If so, you also receive a $100 gift card, a shirt and your photo on the wall.

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Giant sandwich on a scale
©Papa Bob's
Papa Bob's: Bonner Springs, Kansas

If you think you have the stomach for a $58 sandwich called The Ultimate Destroyer, take a trip just outside Kansas City. You get 45 minutes to eat this behemoth made with five pounds of meat, bread and sauce.

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very red and spicy looking chicken
©stu_spivack/Flickr, Creative Commons
Big Shakes: Franklin, Tennessee

Take on a challenge that hundreds have tried but only a handful of people have been able to beat. The Death Row Chicken Tenders are so hot the chefs have to wear gas masks when cooking them.

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giant stack of pancakes
©Bub's Cafe
Bub's Cafe: Carmel, Indiana

Practice your best Ron Swanson impersonation when you take on the mammoth of breakfast foods, The Big Stack. These 12 pancakes the size of dinner plates can be eaten with as much butter and syrup as you need.

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Egg Roll with peppers
©China Blossom
China Blossom: North Andover, Massachusetts

The Emperor's Egg Roll is stuffed with the Naga Viper pepper, scoring over 1.3 million scoville units on the Scoville heat index. The roll is topped with gold flakes and the secret spicy sauce. Overall, the egg roll contains more than 7.1 million Scoville units. A regular Cayenne pepper is about 40,000 Scoville units.

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spicy wings with ranch
©Jake Melnicks
Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap, Chicago

The XXX Wings are coated in a sauce that contains the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, which was once the hottest pepper in the world. These wings are served with bread and milk to help cool off, but even then this fiery challenge is still one of the hottest in the world.

By Tyler Carnahan

Do you consider yourself brave?  Many restaurants across the United States offer a special menu item that requires a signed waiver before you can dig in. These meals range from the super spicy to the gut-busting portions.

Are you willing to risk emotional and physical duress for your eating prowess to live on? These crazy and abnormal dishes are for those that like a challenge.

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