Music in Miami: Tegan and Sara at the Fontainebleau

These lovely ladies will be taking over the stage at the iconic Fontainebleau.

Music lovers are in for a treat with the Bleau Live concert series at the Fontainebleau in Miami, where musical acts take the stage for intimate performances. Past perfomers include Katy Perry and Pitbull. On Nov. 29, Canadian pop rock duo and twin sisters Tegan and Sara are taking over the Bleau Live performance series with a performance of their own. Where South Florida and Where Traveler had the chance to chat with Tegan Rain Quin about what fans can expect of the performance, travel and their love of South Florida and Miami.

What are some of the things that you love about South Florida and Miami?

Recently we have started to go there more and our first show was around Fort Lauderdale. We realized we love Florida so much and that it is such a cool place. We realized this to the point that we have been in Miami about five times and we love that it feels like a different part of the world. It’s definitely unique, not like the rest of America. We have had amazing Cuban food there and explored the city and are excited to come back.

What can fans expect from your performance at the Fontainebleau?

We are excited to be there because it’s going to be a special show. We are finishing up the tour there, heading there from the West Coast, and we plan to be very silly and just have a great time. Expect a lot of energy from us at the show.

You are on tour a lot. What are some of the items you can’t leave at home when you travel?

Because we fly so much, I always have a neck pillow and a lower back support pillow, just to be comfortable. I also have about 9 sources of entertainment, from music to podcasts; I definitely always bring something to be entertained. I also never leave home without an eye mask, earplugs and other items that create a sense of relaxation in a shared space when I am there with all my band mates. I like to create a sense of my own world to help me relax while traveling, no matter what type of enclosed space I might be in.

What are some of your favorite songs to play live?

I love playing the new record, “Hearthrob,” it is such a great and amazing record to play live and it’s probably the most pop album we’ve ever released. I always get excited to play songs from it and to see the reaction of the crowd.  But, this year is also the 10th anniversary of the album “So Jealous,” a fan favorite, and we play a lot of those songs and have also reinvented them and created new versions. It’s fun to update our old catalog and reinvent old songs. So I would say our set lists are a mix of old and new material that fans love to hear.

Do you have any last words for fans coming to see you at the Fontainebleau?

Yes! This is the last show of 2014, and even though we have been in Florida a lot more recently, you will not see us until 2016, so my advice to fans is come and get in there. It could be the last show ever! Just kidding…but really, come see us and expect to have a lot of fun that evening.

Fontainebleau BleauLive packages can be purchased online at or 1 800.548.8886. Bleau Fan packages start at $299 per night. Dinner & Show packages are $175 per person and Signature Dinner & Show packages are $199 per person.

Fontainebleau Miami, 4441 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Miami, 305.674.4772