How To Crack a Crab

How to Crack a Crab

1. Grab a crab leg, and twist it out. If lucky, a piece of crab meat will offer itself as first bite. Repeat. Discard six legs.

2. Twist off the front claws; then crack them with a wooden mallet to find the meat inside.

3. Flip over the crab. Slide a knife under the tip of that triangular piece of shell; pry up. Then put the knife between the carapace and the inside, and turn it to pop off the main shell.

4. Discard the lungs and possibly the yellow “mustard,” although the latter is considered a delicacy by truly intrepid crab-crackers. Snap the remaining crab body in half, and dig in with a mini fork.

5. Crab gender clue: think U.S. capital landmarks. Plate on a female crab belly? The Capitol Dome. A male belly? The Washington Monument.