Best Super Bowl LV Snacks: Tampa Style

For the best in authentic Tampa cuisine, check out these restaurants for pick up and delivery for the Kansas City vs. 49ers Super Bowl LV.

It has been a long 18 years for Tampa Bay supporters, but their beloved Buccaneers are angling for another Super Bowl win.

Best Superbowl Snacks in Tampa

As fans near and far get ready for the big game, many are focusing on what snacks they’ll pair with the biggest sports championship in the country. 

La Segunda Central Bakery’s Cuban Sandwich

If you’re in the mood for a truly Tampa dining experience, head to La Segunda Bakery. They’ve been baking Cuban bread and pastries in Ybor City since 1915. Cuban bread is similar to French or Italian white bread but uses a bit of lard or vegetable shortening to give it a more substantial flavor profile. Of all the sandwiches that use Cuban bread, the Cuban sandwich is the most famous. The sandwich sends diners to hog heaven with mojo marinated pork, smoked ham, and Genoa salami. The sharpness of pickle, the creamy richness of Swiss cheese, and a healthy slathering of special sauce make the entire dish a home run. Order their Cuban sandwich party platter for game day and serve 8-10 of your quarantine buddies. 

Goody Goody’s Burger with POX Sauce

In 1925, Goody Goody Burger opened its doors to the public and soon developed a loyal following. As one of the oldest businesses in the area, there are few places more suitable for game day nosh. The original Goody Goody burger is made with beef and topped with pickles, onions, and the secret “POX” sauce. The delicious burgers don’t stop at the original. The Hyde Park burger, a nod to the neighborhood they call home, adds lettuce, tomato, and a generous layer of mayo. Goody Goody is a stickler for their condiments and the mayo is always slathered on the bottom bun. No drippy mayo messes here. If you want Goody Goody to cater your Super Bowl feast, call at least 48 hours in advance.

In 1925, Goody Goody Burger opened its doors to the public and soon developed a loyal following | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Goody Goody)

La Casona’s Mofongo

La Casona is the place in Tampa to get the best Puerto Rican food. People come from all over to sample their stuffed mofogos (fried plantains). Their online menu offers 7 different mofongo rellenos and they make the perfect Super Bowl meal. The basic mofongos are stuffed with chicken or beef, but La Casona makes the most of their proximity to the bay and also makes their stuffing with crab, lobster tail, conch, and shrimp. No matter which stuffing you choose, the fillings are sauteed in a flavorful creole sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, and white wine. 

La Casona is the place in Tampa to get the best Puerto Rican food | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy La Casona)

Brocato’s Sandwich Shop’s Deviled Crabs

Brocato's Sandwich Shop started its life as a grocery store and eventually evolved into the go-to sandwich shop for Tampa Bay. Everything is made from scratch to ensure freshness and the family-owned establishment provides some of the friendliest service in Florida. The signature dish? Devil crabs. Aunt Nina’s recipe has been passed down through the years and they’re still making them just like she did. The mini devil crabs are flavor-packed croquettes that come as 6 or 12 pieces. They’re an excellent finger food to have on hand while watching Tom Brady try to secure another Super Bowl win for the Bucs. 

Mike’s Pies’ Key Lime Pie

The origin story of Mike's Pies is incredibly heartwarming. While away at college, Mike missed his mother’s pies and asked her how to make them so he could have a taste of home while he was away. Fast forward several years and he settled down in Tampa and baked pies for friends. After neighbors kept telling him, “you should sell these,” he gave it a try. Now, his pies can be found in 38 states. The killer key lime pie is a 4-time national champion pie recipe! The homemade graham cracker crust and the perfect tartness of key limes might just be sweeter than a Tampa Bay Super Bowl win. 

Mike's Pies key lime pie is a 4-time national champion pie recipe | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Mike's Pies)

The Jerk Hut’s Jerk Chicken Wings

You can’t have a Super Bowl feast without chicken wings. This year, give them a Tampa twist and order the jerk chicken wings from Jerk Hut. The jerk tradition started with the Arawak people in Jamaica coating meat in a complex combination of spices and then cooking it on a wood grate over a low, smoldering fire. Jerk Hut uses whole, jumbo wings grilled over a fire and serve them with rice and beans. Order in advance to enjoy these finger-licking wings at your Super Bowl party.