America's Butcher-to-Table Restaurants That Make the Cut

Carnivores, rejoice! This new dining trend puts only the most freshly-carved meats on your plate.

A new type of exhibition kitchen is cropping across the United States: chefs wielding cleavers and preparing your meal fresh from their on-site butchery.

From Forbes magazine to Eater to the Escoffier school, tastemakers agree that the butcher-to-table restaurant is one of the most delicious dining ideas for 2017. Discover the best places to pull up a chair and wield a fork at five of our favorites.

Dai Due in Baltimore

Dai Due, Austin

A double-threat with both farm-to-table and butcher-to-table menus, this Austin favorite beckons with its "supper club" menus; Tuesday-Thursday is a grab bag of exotic game, Saturday a chance to bulk up on hearty favorites such as sausages, ribs and chops. Those who wish to extend the feast can forage through the butcher chop and wow at their next dinner party or family meal. 

Must-order dish: The Giant Pork Porterhouse Chop

Meat selections at Parts & Labor restaurant in Baltimore

Parts & Labor, Baltimore

A full-service butcher shop and restaurant in Baltimore's Remington neighborhood, Parts & Labor sources pasture-raised animals from local growers. It uses old-world butchery techniques to use the whole animal to maximize the quantity of cuts available, minimize costs and eliminate waste. The result: flavorful selections you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Must-order dish: Maple-Glazed Ham Hock 

Beef sandwich at Butcher & Larder

Butcher & Larder, Chicago

Butcher & Larder is Chicago's first sustainable, whole-animal butcher shop and cafe; there are more than 40 beef cuts alone. And—since the Windy City is known for its sausage—the selection here doesn't disappoint. Your head may spin with all the options available, so don't forget to inquire about special orders like whole pigs, duck, rabbit and goat.

Must-order dish: The menu changes daily, but you can never go wrong with a Chicago Dog.

Belcampo, San Francisco

Belcampo, San Francisco

A cozy restaurant and butcher shop nestled into the Russian Hills neighborhood, Belcampo's pasture-raised beef is packed with Omega-3 fatty acid and is higher in minerals and antioxidants than non free-range meat. Its animals are raised on a farm at the base of Mt. Shasta, where compassion and sustainable practices are its lifeblood. 

Must-order dish: The signature Belcampo Burger is a stand-out, as is the NY Strip.

Tomahawk steak at Echo & Rig

Echo & Rig, Las Vegas

This re-imagined steakhouse serves up a mouthwatering 90 options on its menu, and earns additional style points for its gleaming glass meat locker, vertical displays and exhibition area that's as wide as the prairie. It's helmed by chef Sam Marvin, known for adding avant-garde touches to traditional cuisine. Take-home selections are just as impressive as those that end up on your plate, wrapped in crisp blue butcher paper, adorned with twine and a wax seal. 

Must-order dish: The "Double RR Ranch" Spencer Steak