14 Ways to Eat Healthy Around Phoenix

Eat your greens! Brussels sprouts and kale are popping up at Phoenix-area kitchens, where chefs are cooking veggies in a variety of upscale, feisty ways.

Fullfill your New Year's resolutions, and nevermind those bitter memories of Brussels sprouts and kale. Today, Phoenix-area kitchens are reintroducing these veggies in a variety of upscale, downright feisty ways. Whether you're a strict vegetarian or whether you prefer your greens topped with bacon, these 14 restaurants will have you asking for more.

7 Ways Phoenix Restaurants Do Brussels Sprouts

#1: Served in a bitter-salty-sweet salad, joined by kale, pears, chèvre, pine nuts and pancetta at EVO

#2: Caramelized in a lemony mustard dressing and scattered with pancetta at Beckett’s Table

#3: Roasted with grits and truffle oil at The Gladly

#4: Looseleaf, as a breakfast side with a sunny egg in brioche at Gertrude’s

#5: Sliced and mingled with pumpkin and hazelnuts atop bruschetta at Olive & Ivy

#6: Scattered with bacon, almonds and mellow manchego cheese at Chelsea’s Kitchen

#7: And last but not least, matched with the strong flavors of smoked bacon, horseradish and garlic at Market Street Kitchen

Brussels at breakfast at Gertrude's
Brussels at breakfast at Gertrude's (©Gertrude's)

7 Fresh Ways to Get Your Kale in Phoenix

#1: Ribboned and mixed with “supergrain” quinoa, grapes, walnuts and feta at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

#2: As a nuevo edition of Korean cuisine’s spicy-sour kimchee at Renegade

#3: In a zippy melange of roasted corn, grapefruit, pistachios and cheddar cheese at Greene House

#4: Tossed with other powerhouse leaves (arugula, spinach) and dotted with dates, avocado, blue cheese and candied almonds at Salty Sow

#5: Standard-issued with pancetta, tomatoes, Gorgonzola and crumbled eggs and bonused with salmon at North

#6: Dressed with oranges, plums and a miso-peppercorn sauce at The House Brasserie

#7: Shuffled with romain and lemon-Dijon dressing and upgraded with shrimp at Original ChopShop Co.

Kale Caesar at Original ChopShop Co.
Kale Caesar at Original ChopShop Co. (©Original ChopShop Co.)