The 10 Most Underrated Coffee Cities in America

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Panther coffee drinks on display
©Panther Coffee
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Cortado at Octane Coffee in Atlanta
©T.Tseng/Flickr, Creative Commons

The Deep South's biggest transportation hub has no shortage of coffee shops and roasteries. Where Atlanta editor Colleen McNally recently gave us her favorites; Octane Coffee (cortado pictured here), Refugee Coffee Co. and Land of a Thousand Hills topped her list. 

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Panther coffee bar
©Panther Coffee

Ask Vicki Cervantes, former Where Miami editor, what her favorite coffee spot is in Miami and she'll all but scream "Panther Coffee" at you while waving her arms over her head. In the city that has an official coffee break time, favorites for an afternoon cuban coffee range from stopping quickly at a ventanita (cafeteria window) to a stroll into shops Panther (in Wynwood), Pasion de Cielo (Coral Gables) or Blue Bottle's Design District outpost, a recent opening for the national giant.

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Gracenote coffee shop in Boston
©Bex Walton/Flickr, Creative Commons

The Thinking Cup is a Where Boston favorite for a strong cuppa in Back Bay, the Common or the location in North End. Gracenote in the Leather District is also a local hotspot according to Where Boston editor Mike Hodgkinson.

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Sambalatte coffee in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas

While choice is the name of the game in Las Vegas, Where editor Susan Stapleton feels that most people would agree that any of Sambalatte's three locations along The Strip are a wise decision for a spot of morning joe. 

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Wormhole coffee shop in Chicago
©Sean Davis/Flickr, Creative Commons

While quirky coffeeshops like Wormhole (pictured here), Ipsento and Werewolf draw a lot of attention to the Chicago coffee scene the real jewels are the roasters sprinkled throughout the city, according to Where Chicago editor Selena Fragassi. Roasters like Dark Matter, Asado and Metropolis are just a few of the standout roasters around town.

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Boxcar coffee in Denver, Colorado
©Joselito Tagarao/Flickr, Creative Commons

Experience bean frenzy with cupping classes at homegrown spots like Kaladi Coffee Roasters and Novo Coffee to the no-frills Copper Door Cafe and Steam Espresso Bar where great coffee is serious business.

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Artifact Coffee in Baltimore
©Jennifer Grimes/Flickr, Creative Commons

Spots like 3 Bean Coffee show off Baltimore's quirky, fun side while Ceremony Coffee Roasters boasts the white lab coat side of the craft with space for learning the minutiae of the trade.

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Quixotic Coffee nitro tap coffee
©m01229/Flickr, Creative Commons
St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul has an eclectic and dense food scene with no shortage of coffee snob-approved stops. Quixotic and both of Penny's Coffee locations are go-to spots for coffeephile.

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Mudhouse coffee on a table in St Louis
©David Lancaster
St. Louis

"The Mud House serves a very popular breakfast and lunch all day every day in the Cherokee Antique Row neighborhood, along with coffee, espresso and lattes," said David Lancaster, Where St Louis editor.

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Espresso machine
©Blake Richard Verdoorn/Unsplash

The best spots for coffee in Honolulu—or at least our favorites—are Kakaako and downtown. Stop into Morning Brew in Kakaako or Arvo for a quick espresso then make your way downtown for Brue Bar or Kai Coffee.

By Jamie Jackson on 12/21/2017

Even if you're not a coffee addict, you probably know one.

With java serving as a stimulant, hobby and—for the truly devoted—a travel inspiration, it seems only right to talk about cities that don't enjoy the caffeine spotlight as much as Seattle, San Francisco and other major hubs. These cities are our favorite off-the-beaten-path coffee destinations, many ranking in the top 50 coffee cities of 2017, as gathered by Wallethub.

While these cities are some of our favorite mid-sized cities, there are also towns and destinations in this list that surprised us. You might be surprised too. Either way, you'll be hard-pressed to find better coffee destinations than some of these.