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Neiman Marcus GM Jeffrey Byron's Favorite Things to Do in Dallas

The VP and general manager of Neiman Marcus' downtown flagship store describes his perfect day

Originally from New Jersey, Jeff Byron arrived in Dallas two years ago by way of Chicago, where he was vice president and general manager of Saks Fifth Avenue. In his new position at Neiman Marcus Downtown, he oversees the iconic Dallas institution, considered by many to be the country’s premier luxury retailer. When he’s not greeting visitors at the downtown department store, you’ll find him out discovering his (sort of) new hometown.

What does Neiman Marcus mean to you?

Neiman Marcus is the destination for the best the world has to offer. We are imaginative, bold and sophisticated with an inviting experience of fashion, luxury and service. Founded 108 years ago in Dallas, we are privileged to have exceptional relationships with generations of loyal clientele.

You moved to Dallas two years ago. What was your first impression of the city?

I was impressed by the skyline as I was driving in from the east. What surprised me the most was how green the landscape is, as well as the topography in and around the city – nothing flat about it. The people are warm and welcoming; Dallas is a friendly town.

Dallas Farmers Market in downtown Dallas
Dallas Farmers Market in downtown Dallas. (©DCVB)

What are some of your favorite places to visit in DFW?

Dallas is a very intriguing city. I enjoy the Arts District, in particular the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Garden. Early Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market  (pictured above) wake up your senses. I am fascinated by the residential architecture of the various neighborhoods adjacent to the city.

What is your favorite spot for dining out?

I have several: Boulevardier in Bishop Arts, The Mercury, Bistro 31, Sissy's and, frankly, my own kitchen.

How is the retail scene changing in Dallas?

It is clearly evident that international designers and retailers understand Dallas and have for quite some time. The confidence in the growth of Downtown Dallas is rewarding. The introduction of new retail adjacent to our flagship creates additional excitement and traffic.

Thanksgiving Park in downtown Dallas
Thanksgiving Park in Downtown Dallas. (@DCVB)

If you could tell a visitor about one must-see place in DFW, what/where would that be?

I would encourage anyone with some time to walk along Turtle Creek beginning at Reverchon Park until you reach Highland Park. Hop on the Katy Trail for your return trip.

How would you define Dallas’ style?

Dallas is a proud community. Dallas’ style is unique. It is sophisticated and approachable in an awe- inspiring way. The people here are not afraid to be who they are. There is a lot of confidence evident in much of what is done. From fashion to architecture, this city is amazing.


My Perfect Day in Dallas

Morning: A Healthy Start

Lucky's Cafe, Oak Lawn, Dallas, diner
Lucky's Cafe, Oak Lawn, Dallas (©Thomas Hawk/Flickr, Creative Commons)

An early morning breakfast at Lucky's Café on Oak Lawn followed by a bike ride through the Park Cities and surrounding neighborhoods.

Afternoon: Discovering Dallas


Dallas Bishop Arts District
Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District (©DCVB)

I am an explorer. I enjoy getting in my car and heading out to any destination in Dallas that is of interest. I enjoy the history of the city and its neighborhoods.

Evening: Laughter and Friends


French bistro Boulevardier in the Bishop Arts District
Neighborhood French bistro Boulevardier (©Joy Zhang)

An enjoyable evening with friends at home or in one of our favorite restaurants. Lots of laughter.

Neiman Marcus Downtown GM and VP Jeff Byron
(Courtesy Neiman Marcus Downtown)