Fort Worth's Funny Guys on Downtown Cowtown

Four Day Weekend comedy troupe celebrates 20 years of laughs and shares their favorite spots around town.

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get at a Four Day Weekend show. The improvisational comedy act, a six-member group that's been performing in downtown Fort Worth for the last two decades, are masters in the art of quick wit. Fans of the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" will enjoy the interactive aspect of the performances, which takes place in Sundance Square several times a week. In advance of their special 20th anniversary show at the prestigious Bass Performance Hall the Four Day Weekend crew talked to WhereTraveler about why it's remained a staple of the Fort Worth entertainment scene, and how they entertain themselves before and after each show. 

In a few words, how would you describe Fort Worth? 

Fort Worth [has] a "can-do" spirit that takes tremendous pride in making this one of the most viable and comfortable cities to live in the United States.

What’s the best part about performing in Sundance Square? What do you enjoy most about this downtown area?

To get the opportunity to perform our show, each week in Sundance is an honor we don’t take lightly.  We have the privilege of performing in the premier comedy theater in the country and we are surrounded by the great folks at Sundance Square Management who keep our downtown thriving and work with us to make our theater the very best it can be. For 20 years we have had the honor of calling Sundance Square our home and our success is in every way due to the great people of Fort Worth who come to see us each week downtown. 

Sundance Square is the heartbeat of this city. The great part about the city of Fort Worth is that it has a big city feel with a small town heart. Parking is free on nights and weekends in order to draw people to downtown and once there there are countless entertainment and dining options for people to choose from.  You can see everything from national theatrical touring companies performing productions at Bass Hall to slipping into Four Day Weekend comedy to catch the longest running show in the Southwest or catching an amazing live jazz show at Scat Jazz Lounge. There is literally something for everyone.

Scat Jazz Lounge Fort Worth

How or where do you unwind after a show? Do you have any recommendations for nightcap spots or nightlife destinations? 

One of our favorite haunts is Scat Jazz Lounge, [where we go] to watch the musicians' late night sets after our show. You can grab a drink and slip back into a time when jazz music was king and the hippest people in the world sidled through the doors of a jazz lounge.

Or, if you want to see a really cool bar, slip into Thompson’s Bookstore, a cocktail bar where they'll escort you downstairs for a drink in speakeasy fashion if you say the secret word.  Only the coolest kids in the room get downstairs and once down there you just might feel like it’s Paris in the 1920’s. 

What’s your ideal way to spend the day in “Cowtown”? 

On an ideal sunny day here is no more peaceful place than the Japanese Garden inside the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. This beautiful oasis in the center of the city is like being in a Zen garden where if you listen closely you can hear the bustling traffic from Interstate 30. You will be surrounded by nature and the moment you walk inside you will know everything about life is going to be okay. On rainy days, the Kimbell Art Museum is a must. See some of the best exhibits in the world at the Kimbell and you don’t even have to travel to Europe to see them. The Kimbell will make your artistic heart sing.

Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth

Do you have a favorite pre-show meal or ritual? 

We have a cast meal at 5 pm and on any given night we frequent most of the restaurants downtown, from Reata and Del Frisco's on the high end to Riscky's and Taco Diner on the medium end; or, we may just grab a burger at Five Guys—we love that anything we want to eat is only a few blocks away. This is the beauty of Sundance Square.

What is it about Four Day Weekend that's made it a staple of the entertainment scene in downtown Fort Worth? 

Persistence and a dedicated fan base that made our show the thing to do when out of town guests come to the city.  We work very hard to keep our show clean so that everyone from an 85-year or an 18-year old can enjoy our show.  We have been blessed with a loyal fan base that comes back to our show as many as 6-8 times a year.  Since our show is improvised each show is different and you can always be assured that you won’t be bored.  Our thanks go out to the great people of Fort Worth that have supported us and allow us to live our dreams each day.

Downtown Fort Worth