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The Art of Dallas' Love Field Airport

Love Field, Dallas' original airport, becomes more cultured with over a dozen new works. Here's where to find them:

Welcome to the artport. 

Most travelers don’t enjoy spending any more time at the airport than necessary, but the newly improved and expanded Love Field is out to make the in-terminal experience enjoyable—and cultural.

The Love Field Art Program includes more than a dozen commissioned works that celebrate themes of love, flight, Texas and the history of the in-city airport. From the parking garage to the ticketing hall to the terminals themselves, art is around every corner.

Highlights include Dixie Friend Gay’s “North Texas Sunrise,” a 60-footlong and 18-foot-high ceramic tile mural of a colorful dawn glowing above Texas wildflowers. “Sky” by Brower Hatcher draws eyes toward the ceiling in the center of the passenger concourse, thanks to more than 3,000 flying objects, including airplanes, bees, birds and clouds, populating a web of intertwined fiberglass rods.

There’s even a Love Field Art Gallery with multiple diverse works on rotation.

Sure beats wasting time buying travel pillows and giant pretzels.


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