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Where to Find the Best Breakfast Tacos in Texas

Tacos are a tradition in Texas, especially for breakfast. From Houston and San Antonio to Dallas-Fort Worth, we've found the top taco spots to get your morning Tex-Mex fix.

Texas barbecue, Maine lobster and Louisiana po’ boys: These food items are practically synonymous with their state. If you’ve ever felt like getting to know a city is best done through regional cuisine, you’re not alone; this interactive map from Mapbox tells you what Americans crave most based on the state in which they live.

As it turns out, Texans like tacos (go figure!). In fact, we crave them about 3,681 percent more than any other state, according to the map. It’s true that breakfast tacos are arguably an art form around these parts, but fortunately there are dozens of places to get your fix should a craving set in—no matter where you are in the state. From the Hill Country to Houston, check out our top picks below, categorized by city: 

Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Simple ingredients are the name of the game in San Antonio, arguably the birthplace of the beloved breakfast taco. In Alamo Heights is the renowned Taco Taco Café of Food Network fame. Hailed by residents as one of the city’s top breakfast-taco establishments in 2014, the cafe offers a morning menu that features homemade tortilla-wrapped staples like papa ranchero, huevos con chorizo and chilaquiles. Echoing the sentiment of simple ingredients is Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q, where you'll find simple breakfast combinations like bacon & egg and bean & cheese laced with a hint of smoky, barbecue flavor.

Finally, no trip to San Antonio is complete without visiting My Tierra Café y Panaderia, a 24-hour, downtown restaurant with a colorful interior and a traditional Mexican menu. (More often than not, your meal will also include music of a mariachi band.) Tacos of the breakfast variety include carne guisada and huevos a la mexicana, eggs sauteed with onions, peppers and pico de gallo. 

Taco Taco Café in San Antonio, Texas
At Taco Taco Café, try the deep-fried puffy tacos. (Courtesy Taco Taco Café)

Breakfast Tacos in Dallas

At East Dallas establishment The Taco Joint, large appetites are satisfied with even larger tacos and burritos. If you’re a morning person, go for the early-bird enchiladas or the migas, breakfast plates featuring traditional Tex-Mex flavors that stick to the ribs without breaking the bank. Similarly, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas offers a no-frills taco experience. While its speciality is the Baja-style taco, Fuzzy’s serves breakfast all day; and if you like your Tex-Mex with a kick, try the proprietary picante sauce (aptly named “Butt Burnin’ sauce) for just the right amount of heat.

Those wanting to go the gourmet route will enjoy Good 2 Go Taco, which features inventive options like the "Paris, TX," a taco filled with grilled hangar steak, eggs and spinach topped with charred tomato hollandaise sauce, and the "Honey Bear," a hearty number filled with pasilla honey-glazed bacon, egg, spinach and goat cheese. Right near Victory Park and also in Addison is Taqueria La Ventana, known for its picnic table-laden patios, cold beverages and street tacos. For a heartier breakfast, order the breakfast burrito, served with salsa verde (green sauce) or salsa roja (red sauce). 

Taqueria La Ventana in Addison and Dallas serves up classic street tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Order breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos at Taqueria La Ventana. (Courtesy The Buzzell Company)

Breakfast Tacos in Houston

If authenticity is important, Houston's Tacos Tierra Caliente is a local favorite; many claim it's home to the best tacos in town. There's usually a line that extends far beyond the order window of this cash-only food truck (don't worry, it stays in the same place) located in the Montrose neighborhood. Breakfast is only available until 11:30 am, so plan accordingly. If you're in a hurry, head to El Rey Taqueria, which has breakfast all day and a drive-through.

Taco purists will also enjoy Brothers Taco House, another worth-the-wait place that's only open only during breakfast and lunch. Fortunately, La Tapatia Taqueria has multiple locations to serve the discerning breakfast taco crowd from 8 to 11 am. Customize your egg-filled entree with bacon, avocado or extra cheese for a morning, tortilla-wrapped meal to quell your craving...at least until the next one hits.