Haunted Houses in the 'Big D'

With Halloween around the corner, enter these Dallas chambers of horror—if you dare.

The time has come; the weather is just right; and that cold chill down the spine can only be signaling one thing: Halloween. From the family-friendly to the flat-out terrifying, here are just a few top choices to quicken the pulse and curdle the blood.


Located on the Scarborough Faire grounds, this Halloween theme parkis perfect for those looking for spine-tingling frights. Three haunted houses—Hotel of Horror, Castle of Darkness and 3D Pirates of Peril Point—plus a Ghoulish Graveyard, interactive games and plenty of dining and drink choices keep all the little monsters happy. Be warned, however; once night falls, the doors open to some of the creepiest haunts in DFW. The all-new CarnEvil Clown Maze is worth the trip all by itself. Open Fridays and Saturdays, Oct. 3-31. 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie, 972.938.3247 


Cutting Edge Haunted House

For those looking to just cut to the chase and face their fears, this top-of-the-line scarefest is consistently voted one of the best, and most startling, haunts in the entire country. Cutting Edge is renowned for pushing the envelope and using the best in pyrotechnics, special effects and superior chills. It also holds the current Guinness World Record for largest walk-through haunted house, so while it’s easy to get in, eager thrill-seekers might just find themselves running to get out. 1701 E. Lancaster Ave., 817.348.8444


Zombie Manor

Horror enthusiasts will admit that there isn’t a fright in sight more “in” these days than zombies. From “The Walking Dead” to “The Strain” to “World War Z,” these ghoulish characters seem to be permeating the cultural landscape. There’s no better time then, to visit this Arlington attraction that places the undead creepies front and center with advanced special effects, hoards of professional actors and a true, Hollywood-style, interactive experience complete with a fully fleshed-out “legend” to tie the whole thing together. Open weekends, Sept. 20-Nov. 1. 7501 Hwy. 287, 817.478.7430