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9 Locally Famous Dishes in Dallas-Fort Worth

Whether visiting the Dallas/FW area or a lifelong local, you'll find that these 10 meals are worth seeking out

There are regular menu items and then there are menu superstars. These are dishes so beloved and popular that for some regular diners, an entire visit is planned around them. While there are certainly hundreds of examples across North Texas, here are 10 surefire hits that will get your mouth watering and give you the street cred of a local.

The Grape’s Cheeseburger

Once voted the best burger in Texas, this beefy sandwich takes a little advance planning. That’s because the 10-ounce masterpiece, topped with house-made peppered bacon, Vermont cheddar and half-sour pickles atop a toasted pain au lait bun, is only available on Sundays and Mondays. Because of its popularity, reservations are recommended. Sun, 10:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-10 pm; Mon 5:30-10 pm. 2808 Greenville Ave., 214.828.1981, www.thegraperestaurant.com

Fuel City's Tacos

Longhorn cattle, gas pumps, a car wash and the occasional bikini model splashing around in the pool out front of a convenience store: Not exactly a combination that makes one think of great food. But at Fuel City, the tacos have become the stuff of local legend. Picadillo (spicy ground beef) is often a favorite, but the pork al pastor is pretty darn amazing. For just $1.40 each, order one of everything. 801 S. Riverfront Blvd, 214.426.0011, www.fuelcity-tacos.com

Chef Point Café’s Maple Leaf Duck

When husband and wife Paula and Franson Nwaeze applied for a loan to open a restaurant, they were denied. But the banks were practically giving away money to open gas stations. So they started serving gourmet food in the back of the convenience store where Food Network discovered their delectable, slow-roasted Maple Leaf Duck served over angel hair pasta with the chef’s tangy orange sauce. Once a menu special, it’s now a permanent fixture. 5901 Watauga Rd., Watauga, 817.656.0800, www.chefpointcafe.org

Sonny Bryan’s Frito Pie

This is what happens when you take a traditional Frito Pie (invented in Texas) and make it even more Texan. Sonny Bryan’s adds brisket, barbecue sauce, beans, chives and cheese to the crunchy chips for a deliciously snackable meal. Multiple locations. 2202 Inwood Rd., 214.357.7120, www.sonnybryans.com

Shinsei’s Oatmeal Cookies

The last thing you’d expect at one of Dallas’ best sushi restaurants is a down-home dessert item, but Lynae’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies are an absolute must-order. Served warm, the buttery treats have a hint of salt and are filled with generations of love thanks to co-owner Lynae Fearing’s grandmother’s recipe. 7713 Inwood Rd., 214.352.0005, www.shinseirestaurant.com

Mattito’s Bob Armstrong Dip

It may be just an appetizer, but the chile con queso spiked with ground chuck, guacamole and sour cream can transition to a full meal by simply ordering up some flour tortillas to make DIY tacos. Goes great with a gigantic rocks margarita, too. Multiple locations. 6129 Main St., Frisco, 214.872.3411, www.mattitos.com

Joe T. Garcia’s Family Style Dinner

With a main menu that features just three options, it’s easy to make a quick decision. This family-style meal comes with cheese nachos, cheese enchiladas, beef tacos, guacamole, beans, rice, tortillas, chips and hot sauce. It’s a meal so beloved, hungry diners even make the drive from Dallas. 2201 N Commerce St., Fort Worth, 817.626.4356, www.joets.com

Cane Rosso’s Paulie Gee Pizza

What started out as a mobile pizza oven transitioned into a full-fledged restaurant and bona-fide local phenomenon. The thin, crispy, authentic Neapolitan pizzas are all fantastic, but there’s something magical about the combination of Italian tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, hot soppressata, caramelized onions and Calabrian chiles. 2612 Commerce St., 214.741.1188, www.ilcanerosso.com