Sustainable Shopping In The Northern U.S.

Shop To Save The Planet In New York, Chicago, And Boston

Consumers care more about sustainability than ever before. Many businesses, seeing this trend, have popped up throughout the northeast and midwest and are answering the call. Check out these incredible sustainable businesses cropping up in major cities.

New York

Green in BKLYN

If you’re looking for sustainable home goods, stationery, and cleaning products, Green in BKLYN is your one-stop-shop. Owner/operator Elissa opened Green in BKLYN after she and her husband discovered it was difficult to find eco-friendly products in their Bushwick neighborhood. After discussing this problem with friends and neighbors, she realized she was not alone and decided to tackle the challenge herself. She opened her shop on Earth Day back in 2009 and it’s crammed with everything families or individuals need to start living in a way that’s better for the planet. Paper goods are made from recycled paper. There are solar chargers and energy savers. Green in BKLYN even offers kid’s toys, diapers, sustainable coffees, chocolates, books, and crafts.


Those looking for a “cleaner clean” should take their laundry to the chicest and most eco-friendly laundromat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Celcious was started by two sisters, Corinna and Theresa Williams, and features ultra-efficient washers and dryers. Every load comes with complimentary, unscented and eco-friendly detergent. For an additional charge, guests can opt for stain treatment or specialty detergents all of which are non-toxic and phthalate-free. Under normal circumstances, a fair-trade cafe is connected to the laundromat and there’s a cute back garden to sip a coffee while you wait for your cycle to end. Unfortunately, until the pandemic lessens, these services, as well as self-service laundry, are unavailable but they hope to be back up and running soon!

The Williams sisters are changing the way Brooklyn does laundry | WhereTraveler
The Williams sisters are changing how Brooklyn does laundry (Courtesy of Celsious/Facebook)

CAP Beauty

Sometimes your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle begins with self care. CAP Beauty stocks 150 brands that are always 100% natural and harnesses the power of plants to give users a more radiant exterior. They’re as good for the environment as they are for you! The wide range of products include items that are cruelty-free, come from small, family farms, or come in recycled packaging. Try brands like Balmyard Beauty, Earth Tu Face, and Oracle.

As good for you as it is for the planet | WhereTraveler
As good for you as it is for the planet (Courtesy of CAP Beauty/Facebook)



CEO/Founder Allison Daroie brought Paridaez to life after she got fed up with having to carry multiple changes of clothes around in order to keep up with her busy day-to-day life. Clothes for the office, for yoga, for going out with was all too much. Now, her shop specializes in minimalist women’s clothing that is intended to be worn in multiple ways therefore appropriate in a myriad of situations. Paridaez clothing is made locally in New York and Massachusetts using sustainable materials and built to last. The chic simplicity of each item has garnered quite a following in New England.

Paridaez clothing is designed to be worn multiple ways | WhereTraveler
Paridaez clothing is designed to be worn multiple ways (Courtesy of Paridaez)


Credo is on a mission to change the beauty industry for the better. Credo focuses on making sure every ingredient in the products they sell comes from a sustainable source. If there are two places to get one ingredient, they’ll go for the one that will have a smaller impact on the planet. Ethically sourced brands are par for the course and each company is scrupulously investigated to make sure employees earn a living wage and have fair working conditions. And 90% of the brands sold are owned by women!


Planet Access Co. Store

Shopping at Planet Access Co. Store does good for the planet and adults with disabilities. Each purchase helps an adult living with disabilities find employment through the non-profit, Search Inc. Through a partnership with Toad & Co., Planet Access sells higher-end clothing, home goods, and jewelry that are made sustainably. It’s clothing that promotes social justice and better practices for a healthier planet. Brands available include Kestan, Generation Bee, and CAUSEGEAR.