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My Chicago: Andrew Shaw

Chicago Blackhawks Center Andrew Shaw shares his favorite Chicago restaurants, bars and attractions.

What's it like to play in the United Center?
It’s unbelievable. I’ve never been a part of something like this. Coming into this building, you know the fans are going to support you. They got your back on every play. Hearing them roar during the national anthem still puts the hairs up on the back of your neck and gets you excited.

Do you like your gritty image?
It’s who I am. I’m a gritty kind of guy. Everything I have comes from hard work, going out there and pushing myself to the limit. I liked being looked at it that way.

What do you think of that image of you bleeding profusely as you celebrated in Boston?
It’s pretty funny to see. Obviously pretty painful as well. But nothing was going to stop me from playing that game. It’s something I worked for my entire life. I wanted to be there to hoist that Cup.

Are you recognized around town now when you’re in public?
A little bit. Having dinner, a few will recognize you. It’s nice. It just shows the city of Chicago does support us real well. I think we have the best fans in the league. It’s part of the job (signing autographs). It’s going to happen wherever you go. You got to put a smile on and do it. It just shows people know who you are and they respect what you do. It’s nice to give back to them.

What's your favorite post-game stop?
I always liked Chicago Cut. I’ve always loved going there, my favorite steakhouse in the city. Best steak in the city as well. They’re great to us. The atmosphere there is unbelievable.

What part of town do you like the best?
I like the Magnificent Mile. It’s pretty cool. There are always people around you. There are a lot of places you can grab a bite to eat or buy some clothing.

What do think of your own bobblehead the Hawks gave away at a game?
It looks just like me. It’s a handsome bobblehead. It’s got a nice tan. It’s a centimeter taller than Kane, even in a bobblehead, just like in real life. I thought they’d make it realistic that way.

What’s it like to locker next to Patrick Kane?
He never shuts up. I’m trying to focus on the game. He’s always joking around. I like sitting beside him. He’s got a box of Kleenex in case he gets a little emotional during games. We share them, too. We always seem to be blowing our nose at the same time.

My Perfect Day

10 a.m.
Breakfast of a champion
I head to the Original Pancake House on Bellevue. I order Eggs Benedict and a side of pancakes. No coffee—I usually get a large apple juice. That’s my favorite breakfast and I recommend that to anyone. It’s awesome.

12 p.m.
Afternoon stroll at the museums
I’ve been to the {Shedd} Aquarium a few times. It’s always good. I’ve been to the Field Museum. I’ve been to three or four {museums}. My girlfriend {Chaunette} is into that stuff. It’s pretty awesome. The stuff they have is pretty surreal. It’s interesting. It’s cool.

6 p.m.
A cut above the rest
Chicago Cut Steakhouse. It’s my favorite place. Great food, great people, good atmosphere. I order the New York strip, no bone, medium. Chaunette orders either the sea bass or the petite filet. I like the sea bass or the halibut they have on weekends. I’m still young (no cut down on red meat). I have a few years left to turn that around.

10 p.m.
River North, nightlife central
Public House, then head somewhere like Paris {Club} or {American} Junkie. Good music, friendly people, good atmosphere. My buddies seem to want to go out when they come to town. It’s something you don’t get in every other city. People usually respect our privacy (out in the clubs). 

Photos courtesy of Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cut Steakhouse