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Lollapalooza Tips

How to get the most out of Lollapalooza in Chicago

Tips to Loving Lolla

It's Lollapalooza time. Whatever concerts you've marked must-see on the Lollapalooza lineup, we know you want to enjoy them. So, we compiled some hard-earned advice from Lolla-goers and industry insiders on how to be a model attendee before, during and after the shows. While you're there, follow our helpers on Twitter.

Bring your own roll of toilet paper. The bathrooms run out of this high currency golden material within the first hour. Also, bring a poncho you can easily roll up and choose closed-toed shoes to avoid sharp objects and other undesirable things you don’t want on your feet.—Emily Yetzer @vividseats

Have an agreed-upon meeting place in case you lose your friends, because cell phone reception is sketchy at best.—Lisette Medina @monalisette30

Use walkie-talkies if you’re with a group. You’re going to lose your group.—Brian S. Gross @bsgr

Have patience with security. Bring nothing liquid, just like for the TSA at the airport [there’s water there to fill up bottles].—Aisha M. @aisham1

Bring a Crazy Creek Camping chair. Because chances are, the ground will either be wet with rain or other things.—Lynn Ann Peretta Wagner @crazycreek1987

Bring earplugs! It’s just a little too loud. And a bandana for your sweat, and anything else...—Jill Kirshenbaum @kirshenbaumJill

Go hands-free. Condense all cards and money into the smallest package possible, then stick it all into a PortaPocket to tuck under a boot, T-shirt, shorts, wherever.—Kendra Kroll @PortaPocketGal

Or…Get a fancy-not-frumpy, eco-friendly, cruelty-free fanny pack from Hipsters for Sisters.—Debra Keyes Denniston @hipstersforsis

Don’t forget to eat. And beat hydration with food from the Chow Town area. Also, credit cards are king at Lollapalooza…and so much safer than carrying cash; make a game plan for getting home before you head to Lolla; and bring a portable mini phone charger to ensure you’re always charged up and can grab photos of your favorite acts!—Debbie Sharpe @goddessgrocer

Park smart. You can take public transportation (totally cool) or drive in and get a special discount rate with SpotHero (like $50 for 72 hours with in-and-out privileges at a garage just a few blocks from the concert grounds).—@SpotHero


Bump into a musician at Chicago Music Exchange, a world-renowned vintage guitar shop on the north side of town. Imagine Dragon, Lumineers, One Republic are among the customers.—Josh Inglis @chicagomusicex

Detox. From everything. No explaining necessary. IVme Hydration Clinic will intravenously re-energize and re-hydrate you.@IVmeChicago

And revive. Two Chicago-area docs created a "hangover vitamin" to apologize to your body for the naughty things you may or may not have done.@vousvitamin