It’s Showtime! Chicago International Film Fest Kicks Off October 16

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The Chicago International Film Festival returns October 16-27 in its 55th year of presenting exclusive screenings of world premieres, anticipated previews and selections from local filmmakers. Look out for these titles before they debut to wider audiences.

A Hidden Life

Acclaimed writer/director Terrence Malick returns with this gorgeous piece that tells the story of Franz Jägerstätter, a real-life Austrian farmer who refused to fight for the Nazis during World War II.


The second directorial feature film from actor Gael Garcia Bernal (following 2007’s “Deficit”), “Chicuarotes” is a coming-of-age tale about a group of teenagers living in Mexico City who overcome violence to establish better lives.

Knives Out

This clever whodunit flick from Rian Johnson (“Brick,” “Looper”) is a neo-noir murder mystery questioning who killed the family’s wealty patriarch. It stars Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Toni Collette and more.

Honey Boy

The intensely visual director Alma Har’el, who captivated with her documentary “Bombay Beach” in 2011 offers this new feature piece based on the real-life upbringing of actor Shia LaBeouf who wrote the screenplay.

The First Rainbow Coalition

Local filmmaker Ray Santisteban tells the story of the multi-ethnic coalition that was on the front line of the 1960s tumultuous socio-political crisis in the 50th anniversary of its founding.


The much-anticipated biopic from Kasi Lemmons tells the heroic story of Harriet Tubman, from her beginnings as a slave to abolitionist leading people to freedom on the Underground Railroad.

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