E!'s Catt Sadler on Fashion Trends and Travel Styles That Work

The style maven talks trends for this fall and how to dress for traveling cross-country.

Catt Sadler was in Chicago to host the 2016 Simply Stylist conference at the Dana Hotel and Spa. We spoke with the E! News correspondent about her website The Cattwalk, her picks for fall fashion and the Where team's own pressing style questions. Born from her love of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, The Cattwalk is Sadler's way of having a two-way communication channel with her fans and expressing her creativity. The Indiana native is inspired not only by her job at E!, but by other websites, Instagram and her worldly travels.

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing for fall 2016?

In clothes, I would say I think things are becoming a little more relaxed. For fall, people are wearing more flats than ever before. I think denim is way more mom jeans and loose than super skinny jeans. I heard the other day we can retire the moto jacket and wear more soft bomber jackets. I’m also gravitating towards wide leg trousers, and the top I’m wearing right now is this designer Ulla Johnson, and it’s a little more boho and loose, and I am really liking that right now.


Catt Sadler

Now that you live in California, have you picked up the local style? 

Yeah, I think so. It’s way more relaxed. I noticed that when I travel to New York a lot for work that California has a signature style about it, a little more laid-back, a little less formal. And that suits my personality and lifestyle. Less is more for me for sure. And I would say that with accessories too—I think there used to be a time when it was like, how many rings can you get on, how many necklaces.

Do you have any favorite pieces in your closet?

I personally am a denim and pants girl. It’s funny because on E! News the last few years I’ve worn a dress every single day to work, but my off-duty style is denim. I wear denim or leather pants almost every day when I’m not on TV.

Any particular designers that you tend to gravitate towards?

Yeah, these jeans are Topshop. Topshop makes a ton of affordable jeans and I'm really am impressed with them. Anyone can get those anywhere around the world, and you can get them online. I like Frame denim and I like J Brand—that’s one that’s been around awhile that I wear a lot of. I also like wide-leg denim, I think it’s flattering for my body type—so I have a pair of Stella McCartney, they were a bit of a splurge, but they are one of my favorite pairs. 

What's a great look for going from the office out for a night in the city?

I’m a big fan of the cold shoulder shirt because I think you can wear that for day, even at the office. I think it depends on which one it is; you don’t want to go the super sexy, lacy cold shoulder top. You can wear that [during the day] and then into night, no problem; it’s one of my favorite looks. I think a jumpsuit is a great one that you can wear at the office toned down. It can be somewhat straightforward, and then at night change a lip, throw on some heels and it’s one piece. It’s easy; you don’t have to think about it.

What's your secret to dressing when traveling?

At the end of the day it’s all about layering, isn’t it? That’s what you have to deal with. You never know: when you leave the house if it’s hot, in the evening it’s cold. Even in LA you go inside and it’s freezing from air conditioning. I’m a big fan of layers with cardigans, scarves—I think the moto jacket is timeless, even though I just told you it’s about the bomber jacket right now. I think that’s one where you can have a little dress on during the day and at night throw that on. Again, it depends—Chicago is different; in LA we wear boots all year round.

If you’re used to a signature look, how do you branch out and still feel confident?

Well, I think either you want to branch out or you don’t. But if you want to, I think that’s the beauty of fashion. It’s all about taking risks, and by the way, it doesn’t last forever. Throw on a really cool hat, try a lace-up multi-color shoe, change your lip or whatever. So experiment, see what your friends say, and then if you like it, go with it, and that in turn will give you confidence. And if you bomb, then so what? Tomorrow’s a new day.

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