This Chicago Foie-Gras Treat Is Your New Dessert Nirvana

Foie gras dipped in chocolate and delivered on a stick? Thank you, Band of Bohemia chefs.

Lucky for us, the pastry chef at Chicago's Band of Bohemia really loves foie gras. 

The brainchild of George Kovach, the "Foie-Sicle" exalts the luxurious, already delicious bird-liver mousse; the mousse is dipped in dark chocolate and garnished in banana, almond, pink peppercorn and Kefir lime. 

Kovach developed the Michelin-starred brewpub's treat for the James Beard Award gala that took place in Chicago in May 2017.

The three-day process to create these little miracles—curing the foie gras, roasting the bananas, then folding them into the foie gras before placing it all into molds—yields only 40 "Foie-Sicles" at a time. You'll only find it on the dinner menu, available in limited quantities. 

Band of Bohemia's Foie-Sicle

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