The Best Places to Get Tacos in Chicago

Chicago is all about eating. And visitors are usually flocking to try heavier plates: cheesy deep-dish pizzas, steaks the size of your head, spaghetti and meatballs drowning in a sea of red sauce. But what if you want something a little lighter, a little easier to grab and really take a bite out of? That's where we get inspiration from the West Coast and our neighbors to the south: tacos. Thanks to their low cost and laidback assembly, tacos are at the top of the trend list.

And we're not talking the sad kind you make from a seasoning packet and some ground beef at home. The best meat cuts, veggies and scintillating sauces are carefully crafted into the stuff handmade tortillas dream about becoming. So, taco lovers, here are our picks to give you something to taco 'bout.