One Block: Evanston

Here are 12 ways to eat, shop, drink and play in this Chicago area hot spot

As the home of Northwestern University, the community of Evanston (just to the north of Chicago) is a bustling college town with plenty to do and see. In addition to unique boutiques, trendy coffeeshops and a repuation as one of the area's hottest dining meccas, Evanston also sits on the shores of Lake Michigan with plenty of beaches to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite places to eat, shop, drink and play.


In the past few years, Chicago’s neighboring town of Evanston has revamped its dining scene into a mecca, led by award-winning establishments including Amy Morton’s Found Kitchen + Social House and sommelier Alpana Singh’s Terra & Vine.

Found Kitchen + Social House, 1631 Chicago Ave., 847.868.8945

Terra & Vine, 1701 Maple Ave., 847.563.4333

Oceanique, 505 Main, 847.864.3435



Located in a bustling college town, with Northwestern University, Evanston is known for its kitschy shops such as favorite Squeezebox Books & Music that has rarities and new releases as well as women’s go-to for global finds, The Mexican Shop.

The Mexican Shop, 801 Dempster St., 847.475.8665

Squeezebox Books & Music, 743 Main St., 847.943.9309

The Spice House, 1941 Central St., 847.328.3711



Up until the last few decades, Evanston was a dry town. Local bars have wasted no time in getting things back up to speed with a number of craft breweries in town and speakeasies like Bourbon ‘N Brass that pay homage to a bygone era.

Ward Eight, 629 Howard St., 847.420.7353

Smylie Brothers Brewing, 1615 Oak Ave., 224.999.7320

Bourbon ‘N Brass, 1012 Church St., 847.859.2021



This town also knows how to have fun, with a range of recreational activities and entertainment including Northwestern games, concerts at an intimate SPACE venue and workshops at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.

Mitchell Museum Of The American Indian, 3001 Central St., 847.475.1030

Evanston SPACE, 1245 Chicago Ave., 847.556.9756

Northwestern Sports, 888.467.8775